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Should I rebuild my Honda CB 360 transmission or just ditch the bike?

Asked by anne_bacon (27points) November 13th, 2006
I have been working on this 1976 Honda cb360 for 8 months, rebuilt from the ground up. EVERYTHING except the frame & some of the electrical system has been replaced, rebuilt or repaired at this point. Just when it looked like it might be road-ready, the transmission is acting up - clutch making a pop going in to first, and jumping like crazy. Is it worth trying to fix this, or should I part the bike out and get something else?
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ditch the bike
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I would keep the bike. If you have a garage and a place where you can keep it apart for a while. Even though it ain't no 4 cylinder, it's still a rock solid bike. And, if you take it apart and figure out that it ain't worth it, you can eaily part it out then...
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I'm with nutt. You've already invested a lot in the bike and it should be a good reliable ride after the transmission fix. Give it a shot and if it seems like it is more than you want to get into or too expensive to fix, you always cut your losses then.

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