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What is the country with the best education?

Asked by Fluther_Mania (25points) September 25th, 2008

Question is above. Thanks.

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The answer depends on what type of education? According to one study Finland has the best school system in the world.

The USA has the most top universities.

etc. etc. So you need to define what you mean with education.

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According to reports/briefings I have read from the US State Dept., the best educational system in the world, is found in Switzerland, where the aveage high school graduate is fluent in English, French and German.

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I thought it was Belgum, but I don’t remember what show I was watching that brought me to that conclusion. I just remember thinking, “I wish my grand kids could be raised there.”

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I learned good in the USA. :)

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Not really.

One does not learn “good.”

One learns “well.”

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I think critter was being funny.

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Maybe not.

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Ya think? If not it would be even funnier!

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No Jack I defintely learned good!

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hey jack adams, do you have a direct link to the website with the list of countries numerated from best to worst schools?

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I’m American, agree with you about American Education…we list somewhere after 14, don’t we? I’m trying to convince my father why I want to go to graduate school in Switzerland…he’s stubborn

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