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What is situation here in the US regarding China's milk related disaster? What is being done or have been done here?

Asked by boxing (1051points) September 25th, 2008

Do we know what products being sold in the US might be affected? Are our current regulations enough to protect us? The situation was expanded into ANY food that uses milk as ingredient, do we know what products on the shelves in US stores have milk ingredient from China? What actions are being taken by our government? And why don’t we know where our food products get the ingredients from?;_ylt=AkSdRBi7exAtI4E82Fbvyf2s0NUE

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US Precautions

They haven’t found any products being sold in the US with the tainted milk.

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You should also check on all the products you are consuming everyday (chewing gums, food products) containing melamine too. This impressive number of sickness and death is due to both things, the fact that tainted milk is really bad for children (with melamine in it or whatever else), and also because it’s a “poisoning” at a very big scale.

But I just heard that EU imported Chinese milk, really strange for seeing that french milk producer are pouring milk in nature everyday because of the quota imposed by EU.

Weirdo woooorld.

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According to the 2 articles, we seem to be safe for now. I’d hate to be in Europe and have to worry about this. Thanks for posting this.

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China’s milk disaster?
You got ther wrong info!
China, as a whole, is a disaster!

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Ha ha flameboi , you got that right!!

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@flameboi: Heyhey, so, would you pay twice (at least) the price of all things coming from China you may buy ? :D

And by the way, before criticize another country, try to have your OWN opinion about it, not an already made opinion… Just like if I was telling Americans all are psycho freaks living of fear of Islamic threats, thinking they can rule the world by their “supremacy” and higher culture than everyone else, not able to buy their own houses, and all having a gun with a very good score of more than 20 000 killed people by year due to weapons… xD

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@ Mulot, America indeed had it’s problems. But we don’t limit the number of children you can have and force ppl to live in areas that rats shouldn’t even have to exist. And we don’t make it diificult or almost impossible to adopt female children, who are living in orphanages that are filled to the brim.

China has a very long way to go to learn how to treat their own people.

I see you’ve only lived in France? Then you have no clue what America is really like since you are basing your opinions on media. I’ve been to Europe and I can honestly say, i would live no where else. We are far from perfect…but I’ll take that anyday.

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@deaddolly: Talking about the 1 child per couple limit, just imagine a single moment what will happen if couple could have 2 or 3 children, there are more than 1.300 millions Chinese, with too many children, the country will be purely and simply a mess, because it has already a lot of problems based upon its inhabitants number, and the food problem, water problem and place problem is becoming really serious, this one child per couple may seems rude, but I truly think it’s something required.

People forced to live in some area they may not want to live, yes, it’s something usual in China, but how do you call someone earning too less money to only rent a “flat”, in a ghetto ? I mean, for example in Paris, there are dozen of old buildings hosting tons of people having jobs, paying fee and taxes, in really unhealthy conditions.

China has a long way to go before reaching what we can call “a good way to treat their people”, but that’s just our opinion, as occidental people, I mean, we were educated and lived in occidental countries, and if you talk with most of the China inhabitant, they will tell you that’s live condition are, for most of them, improving and that they don’t feel neglected. China has a very long history and has a very old culture, with things “occidentals” may not understand, in their behavior, or other way they can live.

I’m interested in Chinese culture and history since some times, and before looking for having my own opinion about it, all I known about it was what I could have seen on tv or on documentary or articles. And this not really a good thing, a lot of facts are occurred, in good and bad ways, so you do not an subjective outline of a population.

Now I’ve got a lot of Chinese friends, with who I can discuss, my girlfriend in Chinese, so I can have the true feeling of its inhabitants. Of course, you can imagine a poor peasant working hard under a hot sun, and earning barely his life for feeding his family, but does this not exist in other countries ? I mean, you’ll always find poor peasant, the “guy from countryside” kinda stupid and blinded of the world he lived in, where is the difference between them ? There is no difference, except one is French, one is American, and the other Chinese, so he should be inferior ? I’m not telling that your saying this, but I know that’s some people state of mind.

And yes, I live in France, I travel a few, but for my saying about USA, I thought it was obvious it was exactly the cliché a foreign person can have of a country, just like flameboi can have this one about China. It was just kinda pulling the alarm to tell “Hey, try to think and look closely to something before criticize it .”

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@mulot it’s the government’s that are messed up; not the people. It’s the way media portrays them.

China is a very sore suject with me as my neice and her husband have been trying to adopt a little girl from there for the past 3 years. They’ve spent a lot of money and lost a lot of sleep. The government put a hold on adoptions…the last reason was because of the Olympics. That is just fuck up…..these little girls are living in orphanages with no plumbing and there is a massive waiting list of people, waiting to give them a good life.
Becasue of a fucking govenment.

@boxing Sorry to get totally off topic, but I had to vent.

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@deaddolly: Governments has a lot of problem and is behaving badly, there is absolutly no doubts on this.

For the adoptions, it’s kinda the same for all countries, I know some french people trying to adopt a french child, and even if their cases are fine, a long time couple, with a good life, earning money and having stable situation, they are waiting since 4 years. It’s also the same for a lot of counties, about maybe it’s even worse and longer for China, I can’t tell you. But the fact is adoption is a long long and hard time for future parents, and I really wish your niece and husband to achieve what they have begun, adoption is something really generous.

Sorry too boxing for “spoiling” your question :S

But to return the your subject, I doubt there is real risks for importing countries, else they would have stop importing as soon as they had heard this milk problem, else our importing trade is really to improve.

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@deaddolly and Mulot, I don’t mind one bit at all. People think they know China, but not even Chinese people know China. Trust me.

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@Mulot how can you say there are no real risk? The article says:

The 27-nation EU adds to the growing list of countries that have banned or recalled Chinese dairy products because of the contamination, which has killed four Chinese babies and sickened 54,000. In addition to the ban, the European Commission called for more checks on other Chinese food imports.

That sounds pretty risky to me. If 4 dead and 54,000 ill poses no real risk as far as you are concerned, what does?

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I try not to buy chinese “sweat shop made” products :s

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And if you do, don’t pay twice as much!!

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Yeah, know I have the intimate conviction of how you earn so much lurve…

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Hmm, I guess I could say the same.

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