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What do you think of this Tiramisu recipe?

Asked by Pandora (32310points) 2 months ago

So I have been looking for a great tiramisu recipe and I came across this one. It looks good and the idea of making it without raw egg is great since raw eggs can really mess people up.

My only questions is I’m not sure about the liquors they recommend if using. I always think tiramisu is best served with a dessert wine or coffee. I personally like it with coffee.
What I need to know is which liquor is best. They suggest 3 types I could try in the recipe. Brandy, dark rum or marsala wine.
I think brandy may have too much of a bite to it, and marsala be too sweet. So I’m leaning on the dark rum.
Bye the way for anyone who is interested this is the recipe

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@Pandora I think you overlooked the sentence where they say “Tiramisu can be made with or without alcohol. This recipe calls for coffee flavored liqueur because I like that it enhances the coffee flavor.” That would be Kahlua as the first suggestion they made. That’s the one I would go with.

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I’ve made it with Marsala before and it was good. Amaretto is also a good alternative.

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I didn’t know tiramisu is usually made with raw eggs. You could use pasteurized eggs.

If you have a Publix grocery store near you, the tiramisu they sell in their bakery is very good. Then you don’t have to make it. I don’t like tiramisu, but the Publix has a good flavor, I’ve tried it, and my husband likes it a lot, and I know they sell a lot of it here.

I like the idea of Kahlua or Amaretto if you want to put alcohol in it. Cognac or rum could probably work well also if you are trying to use something you already have in your house.

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@jca2 She mentions she used liquor coffee. I think she means that she uses liquor in her coffee. I didn’t see Kahlua mentioned but that’s not a bad idea. Kahlua is basically a coffee and rum mixture.
I use to go to one place that had the best tiramisu and I have not been able to find a recipe that came close to it. Because this recipe doesn’t call for raw eggs and wonder if that was the difference or the liquor they put in it. The restaurant that use to sell it closed. I know they use to order the tiramisu from New York but never found out where from. I’ve tried making it and it was just awful but I wondered if it was the liquor or eggs that made it different. In the photos I see the cheese part is very white and I remember it more yellowish.

@Lightlyseared seems possible this is why it tasted different from others I’ve had since they write that this is how its made traditionally. Looked up some more recipes and it seems marsala dry wine is the official liquor in tiramisu.

@JLeslie Seems you can make it with cooked eggs. Just lightly cook it lightly in a double boiler with heavy cream and once its thicken, let it cool off. I can see most people doing this to prevent being poisoned.

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Marsala is the traditional thing to use. Not that traditional means much for something invented in the 1970s.

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@Kropotkin Point taken, however if it is commonly used and most people substitute for something else than maybe that is the flavor I’m missing.
It seems that some believe it was made in the 1800 though maybe just one of the many variations of it. The one we know today may date back to 1950 or 1960.

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