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I've Lost my Brother, Can You Help?

Asked by serenityNOW (3636points) September 25th, 2008

Okay, so my brother has had some credit problems in the U.S. He’s moved (presumably) out of the country with no forwarding address or contact info. His communications have been spotty at the best and the last time he made contact was in July. I decided to give him some space, but now I’ve tried to contact him via email. His email is dead. So, I had his Skype info and apparently he has cancelled his account. That’s it, I’m at a dead-end. (I think he is also having some emotional/mental issues [They do run in the family]. I can’t bear to think of the idea that he might need some some of help, but what can I possibly do?) Any idea on how to reach him?

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Hire a private investigator…give him any information you might have and see what he can do with it.

Hopefully he’s alright.

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I am so sorry! This is really scary. What is the last country you knew he was in?

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In order to find someone (which is what I sometimes do, to earn a little extra money), the person being sought has to WANT to be found.

He is probably not keeping in regular contact with you, nor revealing to you his actual whereabouts, so you cannot be compelled by a court order to divulge his location.

If you don’t know it, you can’t mention it.

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I understand your concern especially if mental illness could be an issue. At least if he is in a western country other than the US he may be getting some kind of medical care. If he were in the US he would be on the street or in jail. Little consoltion I know, but as a person who has fought for family to get medical mental health care here in the US I can assure you his chances of getting help are probably better in another country.

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Jack and Judi are both right. If he does not want to be found there is a good chance you won’t find him. And if emotional/ mental health are issues, he has a better chance of receiving treatment outside the U.S.

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When and if he wants to; he’ll contact you.

I agree with everyone else. There are ways to go about looking for him, but they can be expensive. Contacting psych hospitals won’t help, they won’t give any info about who or may not be residing there.

Best wishes.

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Have you tried The Locator ? I would try the Professional Assistance option.

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Hi all. Thanks for the replies, suggestions, etc. I am inclined to believe that maybe he just needs some sort of time-out. Still, this sucks. Thanks everyone!

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Good Luck to your and your family. Hope you two reconnect some day :)

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Ditto the above.

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did you ever find him?

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Well, sort of. He contacted the family about being in California, so at least I know the state and that he’s back in the U.S. But aside from his first apartment being infested with bed-bugs, I know nada. Thanks Random, and everyone. This has been tough.

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