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Should I stay at Residence Inn or the Renaissance in Bloomfield, CO, USA?

Asked by JLeslie (65542points) 1 month ago

I am going to a wedding in Louisville, CO in October. I’ll look up the weather, but if you are familiar with the weather that time of year, please do share.

I am deciding between two hotels. The Renaissance has a view of the Flatirons, who knows if I will get that view. It was recently renovated. I can get a free breakfast at the Renaissance. It cost me 30,000 more in Marriott points.

Residence Inn has free breakfast and a kitchen in the room. I usually love to have a kitchen, but we will probably be out touring and wind up not eating in the room very much.

I think I am going to stay in one hotel and then do a day trip or two to see sights. Tell me if you think that is a mistake if you know the area and the sights to see. I lean towards doing this for three reasons. One, I get the fifth night free if I pay with points if I stay in one place. Two, to not stress about traffic going to the wedding and the brunch the day after. Also, the possibility of seeing my cousins more if I am in the area, but that might not happen, because they are so involved with the wedding.

I have never been to Colorado, so I am excited, but I am totally clueless. I feel like I might miss something important if I stay in the one place.

I plan to arrive two or three days before on the off chance the altitude bothers me. I did not have a problem in Mexico City, so I am thinking I will be fine, but it has been many years since I was breathing thinner air.

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I love to have the full size kitchen because I love to have the full size refrigerator for a bottle of soda and containers of leftovers, and some snacks like cheese. I also like to have the kitchen sink and the glassware and paper towels, etc. I don’t cook when I stay in those places with a kitchen, but I do appreciate the refrigerator, the sink and the counter for my stuff.

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Isn’t there online reviews you can go to ,to compare them?

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Residence Inn. Bigger rooms, more home-like. Renaissance is just a plain old hotel.

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@jca2 Me too re the kitchen.

@elbanditoroso The Renaissance will feel more upscale I think, but it certainly is not a Ritz. Plus, I thought the view might matter being in CO. We stay in RI a lot.

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When I’m considering hotels to stay in, in a town, I google a lot. I look at what the proximity is to an event or a place I’m looking to go to. I look for free breakfast and free parking. Those are my two biggies. I look at reviews on TripAdvisor. I look for cleanliness and service, and any problems mentioned in the reviews. I look for the hotel to be in a safe area and preferably, not a crowded area. I think my top three things are the free breakfast, free parking and safe area. Other than that, it’s up to a bunch of other factors, and of course the brand (hotel). I know what I don’t want – I don’t want a crappy place like Days Inn. I want a mid level place at the minimum, like Staybridge Suites or Hampton Inn.

Sometimes there’s something great about one of the choices, like it’s just known as such a great place, like one I stayed at in Helena Montana two summers ago. Sometimes it’s an average place, like a Holiday Inn, but it’s near an attraction that I know I am definitely going to, like a Holiday Inn I stayed at in Cody WY.

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I looked at Tripadvisor and asked the Bonvoy facebook Group. That particular Bonvoy group most participants travel extensively and tend to stay at JW, Ritz, and go to places all around the world. My husband seems to like staying in “nicer” hotels, although he never says it ahead of time. We just stayed at Marriott World and Swan (a Westin) in Orlando, and we had really nice upgrades to large rooms and he loved it. That is swaying me towards the Renaissance, but there is no way to guarantee an upgrade, and a studio in an RI can be more comfortable than a regular room at a fancier hotel.

The hotels are nearish each other. The Renaissance is very close to a mall and closer to the highway, but not so close that there would be noise.

This is the Renaissance

This is the RI

I just noticed I wrote Bloomfield instead of Broomfield in the OP.

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I have been to that area during daughters college tours. They are within walking distance of each other. Views will be similar depending on what view your room faces.
I would personally got for the Renaissance but that is me.
Beautiful part of the country. Enjoy!!!

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Do you mean Broomfield (with an R)?

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^^Yes, I corrected it two posts above your post in bold.

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Well, never mind. I didn’t plan to read the thread until I got that straightened out, Broomfield I know, Bloomfield I don’t.

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^^Please, do share.

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I like the Residence Inn. In looking at the one in Broomfield, it said Residence Inn by Marriott. I know that Bonvoy is part of the Marriott system so you might be able to use your Marriott points there as well. Most of the RI’s have good gyms available 24/7. The rooms are very clean & their curtains have a good blackout lining for a peaceful sleep. I’ve never stayed at a Renaissance so it’s only that I really enjoyed my stay at the Residence Inn. I’ve never been to CO, so I can’t swear that one is as good as others where I’ve stayed.

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I can stay on points for both, that’s why I chose those hotels.

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@LadyMarissa “I know that Bonvoy is part of the Marriott system.” It’s that Marriott is now Bonvoy, not Bonvoy is part of Marriot. Read: “On August 18, 2018, Marriott launched one loyalty program with unified benefits under its three legacy loyalty brands—Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards and SPG. On February 13, the combined program completes its integration under one name, Marriott Bonvoy.” Source –

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I booked the Renaissance, because it is on the list that the bride and groom made on their webpage, and they have a link to it for a special price. I used my points, but I figure several wedding guests might be staying there, which might be nice to get to know some of them before the wedding. I still might change it, but for now that is what I reserved. I can change it up until September 28th as long as the other is still available. It was actually low points for the price of the room, although, like I said the other hotel would be fewer points.

I might wake up tomorrow and change my mind, but I wanted to book something, because I don’t want to wind up having to pay for a room with all of the other costs involved. I wanted to book the flight also, but my husband stopped me. I don’t know why I listen to him, he hates plannig anything ahead.

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Next time, I wouldn’t include the time you are going to be there.
Just for safety.
Unless you’re doing a Fluther meet up.

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^^I didn’t put exact dates. I never put dates on facebook, and I usually don’t post photos until I get back home. My parents are from The Bronx, I was raised to think someone might case my house.

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I stayed at the Residence Inn in Broomfield a few years ago while it was being remodeled. It was nice and clean and having a kitchenette was handy.

It’s hard to get a good view from Broomfield but you can get a clear look at the Front Range from Lafayette, Erie, and Longmont. I was house hunting in the area and was ready to write a check at a couple places looking at the range.

If you drive up towards Boulder on Hwy 128 to the Flatiron View Trail, the trail is flat with stunning scenery after about a half mile.

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By the way, I stayed at the Aloft in Broomfield over the weekend. Clean, utilitarian, and they have breakfast available to buy. It is located amongst a new area with some small restaurants.

We bought a house in Erie on Sunday, I will be moving there in January.

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