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Will having a two state soultion work?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24655points) 1 month ago

No. Not Israel, but rather the USA?

Thay way 99%+ of Democrats and Republicans are represented in office.

Right now 50% of voters are disenfranchised every 4 years.

Would a two state solution work?

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I don’t get what you’re saying.

You mean combine 25 states into one, and the other 25 states into another? Of course not. Who the eff would agree to that? Let’s divide canada into 2 halves instead.

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@smudges Ok then. Then the rest of the world should stop proposing that for Israel then.

As for Canada, the French have tried since before 1867.

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USA is one country. !

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@Tropical_Willie From the 15 years on Fluther, using different avatars, I have noticed that Americans two major parties, (Democrats, and Republicans), Don’t seem to get along.

You have a minority and majority representation in the House and the Senate. Why not make the presidency like that two?

For examples:

Pizzareas sometimes offer a half and half toppings for Pizza.
That way everyone gets what they want. Why not do it in politics? Or slice by slice?

Technology has adanvced enough to give everyone the government that they want instead of only 50% representation from a two party system.

You just pick what are your beliefs are, instead of a president.

Also wouldn’t it be awesome if one can decide where his/her taxes are spent on? Instead of having little say?

That would help foster a sense of power while helping ones independence.

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Two parties is NOT two countries ! ! ! !

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@Tropical_Willie It is headed to two countries, if the Republicans and Democrats can’t get along.

Edited redacted.

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Still one country !

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Ok @Tropical_Willie I will stop pushing.

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Sorry, you can’t compare the US and Israel.

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Technology has adanvced enough to give everyone the government that they want instead of only 50% representation from a two party system.

How do you figure?

As for Canada, the French have tried since before 1867.

So why should the US? You don’t like it so you’re suggesting it to us?

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@smudges Dancing with the Stars has a complex voting system that can hopefully be tweaked to do a pilot test to see if It is suitable for elections.

The US doesn’t have to. I would like to see what the historical records say to see if it works.

Actually I do support French independence. I would like to visit an independent Quebec one day after my French lessons are finished.

I don’t understand the two state meme very well.
I don’t understand the middle east politics very well.

I am just wondering , seeing Fluther has lots of disagreements over politics. If thats how democracy supposed to work then fine.

I would like to participate in debates on Fluther in the future, but I have a thin skin and would take personal attacks well personal.

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Not really. There aren’t any states that are all one thing anyway. You’d be abandoning 40+% of the population to a single party, unending tyranny. And under tyranny, no one does well in the long run. If somehow two stable countries emerged from the split, both populations would have to accept a new reality of abandoned global significance, less wealth, and fewer options.

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There have been efforts to turn California into 2 states as well as having parts of Oregon moved to being part of Idaho. These efforts are because of the Dem/Repub differences or, more accurately, the left/right differences. There have also been threats from various groups to have certain states secede from the US entirely. There was recently a case in Baton Rouge Louisiana where a sub-section of the city broke off to form their own city (suburb).

I feel any and all of these solutions can work if they move forward with them. When people feel they are being abused by the policies and rules of one side or the other they can try to come up with solutions that work best for them.

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There will always be disagreements over politics. Even if there was only one party, not everyone is going to agree on how things are being handled. Just the way of the world.

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@smudges – a one party system has nothing to do with people agreeing on things. It is about power, suppression and dominance only.

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It wouldn’t work well probably. It would diminish our power in the world too. Being big helps to have power.

Almost every state is blue in the major cities and red in the more rural areas, so if you want to divide because of politics, it would be tricky unless we give people time to relocate. I’ve wondered about it myself. If you let the majority of the bible belt states be one country then what would happen to real estate prices during the time of flux? Jobs and businesses would also be affected. Even if people relocate, the cities would most likely get bluish again over time.

Would the new Republican state be a theocracy? I wonder how it would all pan out. Maybe the more moderate Republicans would counterbalance the extremes in the party without the Democrats to do it for them. I feel confident the Democratic state could keep itself in check and not become some sort of extreme communist state.

Israel and Palestine is different because it’s about claims to the land and indigenous peoples. I guess maybe some Evangelicals feel they are somewhat equivalent to indigenous in the US, like the country is supposed to be their national background and religion. I’m not sure how big that number is.

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@Smashley I wasn’t saying it would work, I was telling the OP that even IF there were a one party system it wouldn’t work, let alone a two party system. But yeah, people would disagree with the one party system, no matter what it’s ultimately about.

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I know it looks bad, to the rest of the world.
But our differences, are a strength.
Although I am not represented by either party, let’s say I choose the left. They are closer to what I want, than the republican agenda.
Even if I could have a state that was ALL far left, I would not like that.
I don’t want to see republican ideals removed entirely.

Sure. There are Americans who say they would want one side to rule. But most of those people, are idiots.

As a country, we function on federal laws in all states.
But individual states, can decide on how they want state laws.

We pay taxes, to both the state, and the federal government.

The idea, is that we are 50 unique states, united by our federal government.

Despite what you hear from many, most average Americans lives don’t usually change much with presidential terms.

The loudest voices, tend to be heard more often. But those loud voices, do NOT speak for all.

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