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What are the fun things you missed having and experiencing during childhood that you are catching up on now as an adult?

Asked by mazingerz88 (29031points) 1 month ago from iPhone

I did not have what I felt were enough toys to play with, comic books to read and collectibles to collect as a kid so I started getting those when I hit the ripe adult age of 35.

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Sleeping late. When I was a kid, I was up at the crack of dawn doing stuff – delivering papers, going to school, playing with friends all day.

Now ..sleeping late is a luxury.

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Being raised by a single mother and a bio dad who didnt want to help, we were poor. I will always worry about money, its hardwired now, but it sure is nice not to check my account balance before buying something.

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Being able to do whatever I want 75% of the time.

Not being painfully dragged out of bed at 0’dark hundred to go to school.

Dance more. I did get to dance as a child, but now I can do some sort of dancing every day if I want to.

See palm trees every day.

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