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Cheap AT&T phone with QWERTY?

Asked by Noelle75 (1points) September 25th, 2008

I want a phone by itself- not with a plan, that’s under 200 bucks from AT&T. It has to have at least 2.0 megapixel camera and a full QWERTY keyboard. Is there such a thing? Remember, it can’t be with a contract or plan- I just want the phone by itself!

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iPhone. That’s 199,99. I think you can buy it in the Apple Store in the States. I don’t know because they don’t sell em in the Apple Store here.

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ya, iPhone meets all your criteria. Not sure if it’s available PAYG in your region, but you can check that out.

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You can purchase the iPhone online now and pick it up at the Apple Store. (At least in the states)

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Unless you’re into refurbs I doubt you’ll find an AT&T retail phone that is not subsidized for under $200. Remember that there are margins built in to all hardware; I bought a “free phone” from them once that required a 1-year contract, only to find an unlocked version of the same phone offered on eBay for $180. The true cost of hardware is inflated purposefully to allow for these sales margins-best bet is to buy a 3rd party phone that is essentially disposable or otherwise last-generation. There are several sites out there that sell these. In a former life (pre-iPhone), I used to frequent a store online called

…not sure if they’re still around but worth a look IMO.

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oookay so i have the LG GR500 Xenon 3G Unlocked MMS Mp3 Player Red/Blue/Black
it’s a bit more than you’re asking for but i got it on for 299$. it’s definitely worth it. they have super fast and free shipping. the phone came packaged, brand new, and fully unlocked. and the phone i really great.

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