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Brownies and pizza or just brownies (Read details)

Asked by janbb (63040points) 1 month ago

I am being discharged from 3 months of PT tomorrow with a therapist I really like and a place I really enjoyed. I want to do something to show my appreciation.

The appointment is at 1 and my therapist will have had lunch. I am baking a tin of brownies to bring in but I was considering picking up a pizza as well. It seems like that might be too much. What does the collective think?

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Since it will be after lunch, I think just the brownies. She will probably have already eaten.
That’s a really nice gesture on your part.

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Special brownies.

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I also think brownies would be well received. Whatever you do, don’t add chocolate chips.

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@Hawaii_Jake Oh – I have my special recipe that everyone always love.

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Brownies, no pizza.

Congratulations on completing your course of PT. I hope the good results stick with you.

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Brownies and a nice card of your sentiments is my thought.

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Brownies – - – if you feel you need to get pizza, get a card or certificate the can use later !

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Just brownies. The appreciation of homemade treats cannot be over stated!

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^^ Sorry, Cookie, the brownies are baked already!

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It’s a good second choice. :^)

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@janbb Hopefully your brownies don’t have peanuts. As some people have allergies.

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@janbb: Did you give the brownies yet? How did it go?

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@cookieman Brownies were given and well appreciated.

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Nice! You’re a good Penguin.

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<<<< Preens.

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