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What are some shows or movies that you've streamed recently that you found especially enjoyable?

Asked by jca2 (16471points) 1 month ago

I’m looking forward to season 3 of The Bear. I’m also looking forward to the next season of Somebody, Somewhere. Another one that’s great but I don’t know if they’re even filming the next season yet is The Last of Us.

Other than that, I’m a big documentary fan. I keep a list of the documentaries that I’ve seen, for future reference. Some are just average nature shows or PBS docs about culture or society, and some are more in depth, blow-you-away stories about twists and turns of relationships, crimes, etc., usually found on Netflix or Hulu.

What about you? Have you streamed anything great lately?

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French Roast… short animation. On YouTube.

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“American Symphony” a documentary about musican Jon Batiste and his wife was very powerful. Also, “Still Life” about Michael Fox and his Parkinson’s was great too.

My guilty pleasure of the moment is Bridgerton. Waiting for more of The Bear and Only Murders in the Building.

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“The Mayor of Kingstown” on Paramount+ with Jeremy Renner. I’m only on E3 of S1 but so far it’s great.

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I am ⅔rds through Killing Eve, it has kept me up late the last two nights. Nothing like a vicious Russian woman murderer to keep you watching!

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From 2020, Netflix’s “Rooting for Roona” is a documentary that captures the story of Baby Roona Begum, a child born in India with a condition called hydrocephalus. I especially enjoyed seeing the Indian countryside and villages; it’s made me more interested in finding films about different cultures.

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Currently on a rewatch of Stargate Atlantis. After that, I will rewatch all of Stargate SG1.

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I’ve just finished watching the final episode of “Inside Number 9” a very enjoyable black comedy from the BBC.

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I am loving the new doctor Who! But I know not everybody feels that way. I also just started watching a series called There She Goes with David Tennant. It’s very good but also sort of heart-wrenching at the same time. It’s about two parents who have a little girl born with what is most likely autism although I’m still on the first episode of the first season. Everybody is telling the mother that there’s nothing wrong with her baby but she knows something is not right and that will become more apparent as the girl gets older. So it’s about the parents trying to deal with raising their little girl and all the frustrations that parents go through when they have a special needs child.

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I think its on Prime, documentary about underwater pillaging of military ships that sank.

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@zenvelo: I loved Killing Eve. So good.

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I don’t do streaming, but I believe this one is on Netflix right now I could be wrong though. I’m currently obsessed with an anime called Mononoke. It’s about a guy with no name and no personal background who goes around Japan hunting down demonic entities called mononoke. The thing is, this premise is just the surface plot. The show is never really about a dude killing demons. In fact, the dude is not even intended to be the focus. The entire thing is just a setup for the show to talk about the drama of the people involved. The demon dude is just there to assist the people on their path to recovery from their trauma.

The show is extremely mature for an anime. It dives into some heavy topics like abuse, childhood trauma, forbidden love… And there is none of the annoying anime cliche you would expect. I would say it’s an anime for people who don’t like anime.

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Summer of Soul

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^^ Both good.

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We watched Hit Man on Netflix. Very good.

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From 1968. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. With Sondra Locke and Alan Arkin. Engaging mild-drama with one of the most unexpected and shocking ending I’ve seen. It did explain the title for me.

Especially enjoyable because it wasn’t shot using a digital camera.

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I stumbled on the series All Creatures great and small
Based on the books. Amazing scenery.
“James Herriot’s adventures as a veterinarian in the 1930’s Yorkshire Dales get a glorious new adaptation in a TV series based on his internationally celebrated books.”

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Evil. Seasons 1–3 on Netflix. Season 4 on Paramount+.

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@ragingloli, I’m doing SG-1, then I’ll re-binge Atlantis. :-)

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@kruger_d Just curious about the show’s assertion. So is supernatural evil real or is evil simply in the minds of humans with mental issues?

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Just finished watching the last season of Young Sheldon. I know it was a network show, but I watched it on Paramount+. Currently re-watching The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Together my husband and I are watching Slow Horses on Apple TV+ . Gary Oldman is great in everything I have seen him do, and this is no exception.

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I enjoyed the three body problem

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@tedibear I just finished 3rd season of Slow Horses last week, the series gets better and better the longer it is on!

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^^Will check it out sooner or later.

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People in my book group were telling me about Slow Horses last night, @zenvelo. They said it’s really good.

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@kruger_d Based on your answer I’ve started watching Evil. 3 episodes so far. Good enough to keep me coming back.

@mazingerz88 To answer your question, so far it’s sort of a combination…the audience is unsure whether it’s real.

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” Wealth over the ages” is a 15 minute, YouTube, cartoon documentary on what it mean to be rich over the span of humanity.

What it ment to be wealthy over the ages… is a closer YouTube title.

I am on my smartphone so I can’t easily provide a link.

If someone could provide a link for us that would be nice.

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@LifeQuestioner Yes that is it. Thanks.

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@kruger_d I’m really enjoying the show Evil. Apparently there’s a season 4! \o/ I wouldn’t have watched it if not for your post. Thanks!

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We have just finished series 1 of “Slow Horses”. It is excellent in all respects.

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Watching “The bear” right now. Highly recommended

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I just started watching The Pharmacist tonight on Netflix. It’s good, but it’s very heavy and I only watched one episode so far.

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@Blackwater_Park I had been waiting for The Bear Season 3. Not disappointing thus far.

I discovered Bridgerton. Jury is still out on it for me.

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@Forever_Free Bridgerton is fun fluff but the third season is quite moving. I didn’t enjoy the first episode of The Bear’s 3rd season but will stick with it for now.

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