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Will NHL finals games 5 and 7, from Florida Panthers vs. Edmonton Oilers, be affected in Florida from the weather?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

The next two games are in Edmonton, so those should be OK. Games 5, and 7 (if needed) are in question.

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What I question is why ice hockey is still being played in June, a week before the official beginning of summer.

Of course, we all know that extended playoffs are lucrative, which is why all major sports leagues have adopted them. There’s just something wrong about baseball during November, football in February. and, yes, winter hockey when people are using their air conditioners.

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Looks like things should be ok! Go Oilers!

^^^ the NHL regular season hasn’t been extended since 1996 and the playoffs since 1980, so I have no idea what @Love_my_doggie or the 5 people who agreed are talking about, It’s Taylor Swift’s fault as much as anything that arena scheduling has dragged out the season, and climate change that makes it so that real ice barely even happens anywhere but Winnipeg, Calgary and Edmonton.

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