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Is it true that Wagyu cows are fed beer ?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

To have them taste better?
Also sake to make the cows meat better?

Does any of the alcohol remain when cooking?

Should western ranchers follow suit?

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Sometimes they were but this was to stimulate their appetite and make them eat more. It doesn’t do anything to the flavour by itself

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I hadn’t heard that (giving them alcohol) at all. Wagyu beef come from only 4 breeders in Japan. There are some knock offs in other countries, but the top of the line are from these four breeders. They raise them for the first 6 months or so and then auction them off to other cattle ranchers to finish raising them.

The cows/bulls are fed special diets designed to help them gain weight (it is all natural, no steroids, growth hormones, etc). They are given 3 meals a day usually. They should gain about 2.5 pounds per day. They are kept in spacious pens with few other cows and given plenty of time on the pasture to graze. They are checked frequently to ensure they are not getting stressed and are often brushed/groomed to help calm them if it seems they are.

The key seems to be a healthy diet, no stress, and no over exertion. That is what gives the meat its signature marbling.

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^^ That’s what I’ve heard also.

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There are photos of Kobe beef (a type of Wagyu beef) having someone pouring a beer in to their mouth.

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They use non-alcoholic beer, I wager, if at all.
I have seen people with farm animals who drank beer.
This was in St. Croix, in the mountains.
All the animals drank beer. The stars of the show were about ten giant wild boars. Tusks and all.
There was a bar by the pigs. You could buy as much as you wanted, for the pigs. The beer WAS non-alcoholic, but the pigs loved it anyway. You literally show them the can, and they open their mouth. You throw the can in, unopened. The pig tilts his head back, and crushes the can whilst ingesting it’s contents. Then spits out a perfectly flat can.
I suspect that these pigs, were actually alcoholics when tourists weren’t around. Because they REALLY wanted the beer.

But. There is barley, and hops, and stuff in beer, that many mammals would like.
I would think that maybe they are fed a “beer-like” liquid.

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