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Asked by justin5824 (196points) September 25th, 2008

I’m wanting to take HDR images, but i can’t think of anything good to photopragh!

Sugestions please!

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Best to ask a clear question initially, then clarify in text. You’ll get a bigger draw.

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I photpragh people in UT all the time. Just grab a rocket launcher and do a screen grab when you toast them. =)

If you’re looking for inspiration, just step out your door into the world and start taking pictures. Don’t try to be artsy about it by tipping the camera or other retarded things that people do. Just try to capture the life that goes on around you. When you get home go through the pictures and see which ones catch you. After an hour or so of taking pictures, something will have caught your eye and you’ll have some nice pictures.

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Subject with shadow/lights parts, like sculptures, colored by light, having interesting shapes, flowers, nothing and anything in fact.

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One of the best gains brought forward by High Dynamic Range photography came with capturing buildings interiors with both low lit (think recesses in the ceiling) and the better lit areas equally exposed. Lately the genre seems to focus its attention on HDR portraiture

Do a Google-images search for whatever you like ‘HDR portraits’, ‘HDR landscapes’, etc., and you’ll find tons of ideas and inspiration.

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I just took a photo of my dog and managed to make it look stunning and that was just a simple picture made from only one RAW file. Anything that is even the slightest bit interesting qualifies. Old architecture is great especially if you can get a night shot. It really brings out the definition in the picture. Or even a long open field with little scenery is perfect because it draws the eye down range.

(NB: the linked files aren’t self promotion, just examples)

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@joeysefika Awesome pics… What type of camera do you have?

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Just a nikon D40. Bottom the range DSLR, it’s not the equiptment that you have but how you use it and the opportunities you have to take photos

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@joeysefika No doubt! I wasn’t insinuating that your camera did the work. It takes skill to recognize a shot and set the correct settings for it on top of it. I have a basic digital camera and have been wanting to upgrade and I saw what you were able to do with yours so I figured I’d ask.

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@tWrex::Oh yea, the advantages of a DSLR over a simple point and shoot are enormous. Switching from a point and shoot to a DSLR really makes a difference in the shot. I paid around $700 for my D40 but now you can pick them up for under $600 so its worth the ivestment!

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Thanks joey! I’ve had an SLR for years now, but I need digital. I can’t keep paying for film. Thanks again for the advice. I appreciate it.

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Anything with a good texture /anything at night looks great in HDR. Also try experimenting with taking HDRs of things you normally take non HDR photos of.

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you should definitely make sure you use a slr (d-slr) for the quality but especially for HDR you should really put a lot of emphasis on what software you use to create the HDR.

The best software out there in my opinion is only available on Mac at the moment but is called “Enfuse” other software is Photomatix (not the best but easy to use) then there is another called Hydra which is pretty good too.

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