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Can you please help me figure out what's a good amount to give these kids for their graduation?

Asked by jca2 (16471points) 1 month ago

I’m invited to a graduation party next week. I’m not close friends with the grandparents. The party is for two kids, one is graduating from high school and the other is graduating from 8th grade. The party is at a local beach, and I’m going solo, without my daughter. I can’t stay too long because I’m invited to another party in the early evening. ‘Tis the season for graduation parties.

I don’t know the kids at all and wouldn’t know them if I saw them on the street, nor would they know me. I got invited by the grandparents when I DM’s the grandma a photo I keep of the other grandkids from 20 years ago and she was so happy to receive the photo, she send me a digital copy of the invite.

I had two thoughts, one is 20 dollars for the kid graduating from 8th grade and 40 for the kid graduating from HS. The other thought is 30 dollars each to keep it simple.

I’m open to other thoughts or ideas. What do you think?

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I vote 20/40. I don’t have kids or nephews or nieces, so not a lot of experience with family graduations. But I have been faced with the dilemma for kids of close friends. Also, I ask the bank for crisp new bills for gifts.

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$1 for each 2% of overall average grades over 50% from $0 to $25.

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@RedDeerGuy1 She probably has no way of knowing the kids’ grade point average.

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Sorry, 8th grade graduation is garbage. It was something created to make a big deal out of getting through Jr. High. Go $10 on that, $30 on the HS grad. You don’t know the kids at all, nor the parents, and only the grandma through a shirt tail relationship. I suspect you were invited just to give a gift. Not the best of reasons.

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Nothing. You do not even know them.

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I agree with Loli; I certainly wouldn’t go unless you just love that kind of thing. And you kind of asked for it when you sent that picture! :D

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I think I would either not go or give them $25 each.

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Update: I attended solo. The party was at a beach and they had sandwiches, homemade salads (mac salad, potato salad) and homemade cupcakes. I gave each kid a $25 check and a beach towel from Costco (I think they were $11 each). The party was at a park on a lake that had a beach, so the towels went with that theme.

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Perfect! Sounds fun, too!

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