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Do you eat the last of the cereal dust?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

Which cereals?

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It’s all good.

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Last cereal I eat was Grape-Nuts . . . no grapes and no nuts !

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I hate the dust and hold it in the bag when I pour the last of the cereal. But I always get a little. :(

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Yep. I try to eat every last molecule in the box or container! I hate wasting food.

I am eating a blend of All Bran Buds (35 grams), Old Fashioned Oats (20 grams), and Multigrain Cheerios (10 grams) with skim milk.

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@smudges With Mini-Wheats I grab the last bit with my hand. If it don’t want the dust.

If it has fruit then I eat the dust. Strawberry bits are yummy.

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You will never know that I even used that bowl.

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We empty our cereal into a container which helps mix the dust back into the package.

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