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What tricks did you use to circumvent rules?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

Update sorry for the formatting error. As I can’t edit on my phone very well.

I asked for a telescope. I reasoned that to use it for astronomy that I would need a later curfew.

A minimum wage job at the time paid $5/hour and was $500 a month. So I was doing well. The only drawback was that I had a large pizza and 2 liters of cola every night, and I ended up in the hospital emergency ward for constipation. Was admitted for a week in the inpatient ward. My dad took over my route and he was angry that I quit after I got home.

I would stay up all night and get up early to deliver news papers. As I delivered them as soon as possible I stayed up all night and would get lots of tips (sometimes $20 from one subscriber) for prompt delivery.

As a teenager, in the 90’s I was clearing $400/month plus tips; for delivering news papers.

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I make use of those IQ points for many things, including handling rules.

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I don’t know if this is exactly a trick, but my sister always says, better to do something and then apologize if you shouldn’t have, (and this is within reason of course), then to ask permission and then be told no. I think she was referring more to items of policy that are vague, not breaking the law or anything.

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^^ It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Or that’s the way they word it here in N. GA.

@RedDeerGuy1 My dad was very strict & when he set a rule, you didn’t dare try to break it or he would make 2 more rules that were worse!!!

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I was a rule follower. It just seemed easier.

Then the 2002 Olympics showed up, and I had a job as a maid for a zillionaire family from Monaco. I followed the Olympic’s rules until they told me I couldn’t go back up the mountain to the condo where my job was. I had checked ahead of time, and I was not given ID or permission or anything, so suddenly when some Olympic lackey told me I couldn’t go past his barricade, I drove around until i found an un-manned barricade and went to my job.

The whole thing was a farce.

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No tricks to bend rules. Pure genius was employed by me on many an occasion.
Growing up in a very large family and going to a school with nuns as teachers helped develop skills and logic to get what was needed and not be penalized.
Book is currently being written about it.

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^^ Let us know when it’s done!

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Know the rules and push the envelope – - – forty years ago, the company I worked for, had a “downturn” on customer spare parts. We had stock piles of raw material for quick response. We had two years of material sitting in a store room.

My manager identified the issue at a weekly staff meeting of his supervisors. I found a legal way to move the raw material, off the books, to a storeroom identified as “Dormant Stores ”. Material had to stay “off the books” for over a year. Saved the company a lot of money – - moved $2,5 million to “Dormant Stores”. I got a bonus.

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