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Men, have you ever had epididymitis?

Asked by gondwanalon (23047points) 1 month ago

How long did it take to recover?
How did you get it (the cause)?
What was your pain like?
How was it treated?

This is a first for my 73 year old body.
It took me a week to finally get the courage to go to the Urgent Care and deal with the relentless low level pain in my testis. Not an easy thing for me to confront. Kept hoping it would get better.

Last Monday I thought that I simply pulled a groin muscle at the gym. But over the next 6 days the low level pain (level 3) revealed that it was coming from my testis. And last night the ache kept my from eating dinner (nausea) and kept me awake most of the night.(despite 60 mg of ibuprofen).

The doctor asked me to tell him all the exercises that I did at the gym. When I told him about the “Hammer Stretch Glute” machine and demonstrated the movement he said, “That did it.”

Doctor said that besides infections, epididymitis can be caused by trauma and repetitive sports. And prescribed ice messages and ibuprofen.

This is the 8th day after the gym injury and I’m not any better. Hoping that the doctor got the diagnosis correct and that there isn’t additional injuries to my groin.

One these days I’m going to realize that I’m not 60 years old anymore. HA!

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Are you taking any medication for this?

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@filmfann No medication other than ibuprofen for pain (I only take it at night to help me sleep). This is the 11th day since the injury and the pain is slightly less today. Still painful to walk. The ice message in the evening helps a lot.

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Ask your doctor for penicillin.

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No, I had to google it.

One these days I’m going to realize that I’m not 60 years old anymore.

Me too, and I’m 61. Age is creeping up on me. Especially at my knees.

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Today the epididymitis is still painful (varies between 2 to 3). Icing stops the pain cold (no pun). I can deal with the pain in the day but at night I ice and alternate taking 1000 mg of aspirin one night and 600 mg of ibuprofen the next night just to help me sleep.

@filmfann The doctor at the Urgent Care said that there’s no infection involved as my urine is clear and there’s no penis discharge. He concluded that the epididymitis is due to repetitive physical strain on tubes, blood vessels and connective tissue of the testis.

@Call_Me_Jay Sorry about your knees. In my experience there’s a huge difference in athletic performance from age 60 to age 70. Enjoy your 60’s while they last. It’s not likely going to get any better.

Good health!

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Oh. It’s creeping up on me too. I go into assisted living July 1.

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Urinalysis can be normal with it. Antibiotics is standard treatment. Usually doxycycline

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From chat gpt. Which I agree with more or less

Epididymitis is the inflammation of the epididymis, typically caused by infection. Treatments vary depending on the cause but generally include:

1. **Antibiotics**: This is the primary treatment. Common antibiotics include doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, or levofloxacin, especially if a bacterial infection, like those from sexually transmitted infections (STIs), is suspected.

2. **Pain Relief**: Over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help reduce pain and inflammation.

3. **Rest and Support**: Bed rest and elevation of the scrotum with a scrotal supporter can help reduce swelling and discomfort.

4. **Cold Compress**: Applying cold packs to the scrotum can alleviate swelling and pain.

5. **Avoidance of Irritants**: Avoiding heavy lifting, straining, and sexual activity until symptoms improve can prevent further irritation.

6. **Treatment of Underlying Conditions**: If epididymitis is related to an underlying condition, such as a urinary tract infection (UTI) or prostate issues, treating these conditions is crucial.

7. **Hospitalization and Surgery**: In severe cases, hospitalization might be necessary, and if an abscess forms, surgical drainage may be required.

Prompt medical treatment is important to prevent complications such as chronic pain or fertility issues.

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Best of luck. If you’re sticking with ibuprofen, you can really use a lot more than 60mg. Most tablets start at 200 and you can take several for limited periods of time.

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@Caravanfan Thanks. That’s consistent with the information that the Urgent Care doctor gave me.

@Smashley Yes it’s a good idea to take far more than 60 mg of ibuprofen. I’m afraid of it causing liver damage.

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@gondwanalon – you’re possibly thinking of Tylenol? Ibuprofen is more associated with stomach bleeding as a side effect, I had thought.

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@Smashley The Urgent Care doctor suggested Tylenol. I like the Ibuprofen and aspirin because they decrease swelling and pain. Thinking I’ll take Tylenol tonight if the pain level is too great to sleep. Will consider taking a different pain relief drug (Tylenol or aspirin or ibuprofen) each night for sleeping.

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Wearing boxers vs briefs helps a lot during the healing stage.

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@RocketGuy Thanks. Good idea. I usually wear boxers. It’s been 2 weeks since the injury and am feeling much better today. The icing at night is very helpful in stopping the relentless aching. Ibuprofen doesn’t seem to decrease the pain much. Aspirin works better for me.

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