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Who or what do you answer to?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

What holds you accountable to?

Humor welcome.

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I am accountable to my conscience. You?

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@canidmajor Those who are trying to help me.

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I don’t know who @canidmajor thinks she’s fooling, but I KNOW she answers to her doggie.

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@chyna Hahaha, you know me too well! ;-D

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In order of most important to least important?

My God.
Family, when I allow them to take that role.
Most of the time my doctors. (Maybe less so if they’re hospital doctors who are trying to override what my regular doctor said.)
The government, local, state, and Federal.

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I never thought about it. Just myself, I guess. If I feel “right” about something I continue, if “wrong” I stop.

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My mobile phone.

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My name

Also, “hey you”

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