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What is your most recent goof?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24661points) 1 month ago

Just now I was checking on my meal cooking in the oven. Turns out that I forgot to put the oven on.

Only lost 10 minutes as I luckily checked on it.


Humor welcome.

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I was sending some attachments in an email for work from home and discovered that one file I forgot to change the title of so that it saved under the original title and overwrote the original file, and so I had to go back and create a separate file. So one simple error cost me about 10 minutes of work.

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Adding salt to the guacamole which I was making at an Air B&B, I thought I was sprinkling, when instead I dumped.
I was able to fix it, and it turned out to be the best I ever made.

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Got an all-electric car.

Not driving two other gas cars.

One of the tires on the gas cars apparently has a slow leak. After a long time, it is getting flat.

I have a tire inflator device. I just looked at the manual, and realized, it requires a cigarette lighter type 12V DC power source. The car with the flat has one.

But the car with the flat, also has a stupid failure in the computerized lighting, which I find has run down the car’s battery, so it won’t start, so no power available.

The other gas car . . . apparently has been unused for so long, that it also won’t start!

The electric car and the garage both have tons of electric power, but none of it has a way to start a gas car, or recharge its battery.

But wait! The electric car DOES have a 12V cigarette-lighter-style power outlet!

Let’s just check the specs . . . OH . . .

“Do not use with accessories that
exceed a 12 volt, 120W (10A)
power draw.”

Check the pump manual:

“For use with 12-volt DC power outlets rated 15 amps or higher. Do not use with older 8 amp cigarette lighter receptacles.”

A R G H ! ! !

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@Zaku my car battery died last week, and it’s a 2012 Nissan Rogue. I had no idea but I’ve now learned that you have to drive them at least a couple times a week for 15 or 20 minutes, or the battery will go dead because the computer is constantly running. I of course can’t go out right now and I had had people come over a few times a week and start it up, but they usually didn’t drive it anywhere and lately it had just been one person once a week. I feel your pain.

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Leaving my purse on the back,of a chair at the ice cream parlor.

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Making coffee and forgetting to put the ground beans in the coffee maker.

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@Zaku – time to bust out the trusty bike pump, I think.

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I just sold our VW the other day. In the ad I put down what I wanted then got bargained down 10%. I should have set the offer price higher so that I could get bargained down to the price I wanted. Oh well, at least I sold it before needing to pay for another year of registration.

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I very nearly poured orange juice over my breakfast oatmeal last week.

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I put the recycling in the recycling bin without rinsing out the containers.

Edit I went up 3 flights of steep stairs rinsed out my recycling from the bin, and back down, 3 steep flights of stairs , in the recycling bin.

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@RocketGuy – in the future, repeat these words when they counter offer you. “I think my price is fair”. Stops most people dead in their tracks. People haggle when they think they can, but we aren’t really that kind of society, except at garage sales. Most folks are already a little uncomfortable haggling and only do so when they are committed to buying. When you accuse them of not knowing a fair price when they see it, they’re instantly on the back foot and almost always cave. Worst case scenario, you still have the thing and can sell it to someone else.

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Yeah, he offered me 25% off so I said no. Told him to come back in a week in case I could get a better price from someone else. He mentioned he was looking at other cars (another bargaining tactic), so I told him to got test drive those to see if he could get better value.

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Ok, to be fair, my haggling advice is usually best for things under 5k. People who deal in cars can be better hagglers than the average. Sounds like you held your own, and if 10% less sounded good at the time, don’t beat yourself up about it. You completed a sale less than ideally, but not really a goof. You completed it, after all. The car is gone and you have 90% of the money you hoped. That sounds like 95% successful.

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I put bread in the toaster this morning and forgot turn the toaster on.

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