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Speed limits: Why does no one obey the 45 mph limit in work zones? Are they in effect when workers are not there?

Asked by deaddolly (3406points) September 25th, 2008

Don’t you think you HAVE to keep up with traffic or be run over….esp in express lanes? Ever have road rage?

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You may as well ask why nobody obeys the 65 mph limit outside of work zones.

Every driver thinks he or she is well above average, and that speed limits apply to other people. Except for the drivers who think they are there to enforce road rules, and drive obnoxiously slow to force other people to slow down.

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I’m pretty good in construction zones but I get so frustrated when someone drives in the fast lane and paces along side the guy in the slow lane so no one can pass. I especially get mad when they take their time passing a truck. It drives me nuts! I loved driving in Europe because everyone knew that the passing lane was for passing only. They didn’t cruise around over there. It’s my worst pet peeve. I am trying not to let myself get so angry about it.

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Slower driving saves more gas. But Americans are in a rush. It is fascinating to slow down with the help of one of those hybrid cars that shows you when you are using electric power, and when the gas engine kicks in. It makes you take a different attitude toward driving, and you know what? You usually end up stopped at the same stop light.

But seriously, I think it’s about competition. We’re a very competitive people, and we hate to see so many people going by us. The urge to speed up and be faster is almost undeniable.

However, if you do deny it, you can gain a curious victory in that other race. The not-s-obvious race. The race to go the furthest, using the least fuel.

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Yes, they are still in effect when the workers are not there. If the signs are up, they are in effect.

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I thought so. It’s amazing how everyone feels the need to pass everyone. I’ve tried a few times to at least slow down, but I get stampeded. Ppl are not nice. lol

So, ok….any suggestions for what to tell the cop when you eventually get pulled over?

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My hubby got a hybrid Yukon. I tease him that he’s driving like an old man now :-)

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@Judi: be careful. We want him driving like an old man. Especially in a Yukon. So, please, as much as you like to tease, maybe you could hold your tongue when that urge comes along? You never know. Someday he may have to defend his masculinity, roaring that monster up the front steps, or something. ;-)

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I do not drive(I hate driving). I have a bike and I like to walk.

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quick! get out of Judi’s way!!! ;-)

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You know one speed limit everyone obeys? 2.9*10^8 m/s. I want to be in the vehicle that tries to break that one…with inertial dampeners of course.

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That is an inaccurate generalization. Some people do. Many people do.

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Not in my area they don’t. I drive back and forth from Milwaukee to Chicago on a regular basis, loads of construction…I was keepng up with everyone else and was going 70, in the
construction zone. 80 outside it. And I was just keeping up

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Because they don’t give a rip, that’s why. It’s a speed suggestion. Especially when the cops speed and tailgate without turning on their lights. Sends a strong message to the driving public that it doesn’t matter.

Also I suspect it’s too expensive to put more officers on the highways and freeways, so it’s harder to catch people. But honestly, if you’re a police officer and you have to speed to do your job, PUT ON YOUR LIGHTS so we can get out of your way!.

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