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Which character of Donald Sutherland's did you like best?

Asked by smudges (10921points) 1 month ago

I really liked MASH, of course, but a movie I liked was Mr. Harrigan’s Phone. I’ve been meaning to watch American Hangman. He passed away today at age 88 from a “long illness.” What a handsome man. RIP

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I have The Italian Job on right now, and I’ll watch Invasion Of The Body Snatchers. What an enormous and varied body of work. Too many to have a fave, but I’ll watch a bunch this weekend.
RIP indeed.

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The “24” tv show? I do not know, I never watched it.
I guess he was fine as a fake Big Boss in MGS5.

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Hawkeye Pierce in the movie M*A*S*H.

His butt was cute as the philandering English professor in Animal House.

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No @ragingloli, that was his son in “24”, and I’m not sure what MGS5 is.

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I don’t know if I’ve seen all that many of his movies, but I always loved him in the movie Backdraft. His character was just so chilling!

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Another vote for Hawkeye Pierce in the movie M*A*S*H.

As much as I LOVE Alan Alda on the show, Sutherland was amazing.

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Oddball in Kelly’s Heroes
President Snow in Hunger Games
The father in Ordinary People
Mr. X in JFK

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@filmfann Yes “Oddball” was genius.
“Again with rage negative vibes. Why can’t you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?”

Also when he played an incognito general in “The Dirty Dozen”.
“Very pretty colonel. Very pretty. But can they fight?”

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@filmfann Ordinary People is one of my faves of his, but much too poignant for me these days. He was brilliant in that.

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Such a great body of work. MASH is the one that stands out.
I did love his Simply Orange Commercials as well. His voice makes you want to listen.

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Ordinary People has my favorite soliloquy

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And that scene is exactly why I can’t watch it right now , @filmfann. It’s brilliant, and amazing, and I weep every time.

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