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Before going to a restaurant, do you look at the menu online and maybe read reviews, too, or do you like to just go?

Asked by jca2 (16473points) 1 month ago

Do you look at the restaurant menu before you go, to see what you might possibly order, or do you like to just go?

Do you check reviews?

It’s a matter of personal preference so there’s no right or wrong, just wondering what you do.

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Kind of a mix. If we are thinking about trying somewhere new, we look at the menu on line to see if it looks like food we would eat. Ditto that for checking reviews. If it is a place we are familiar with we will just go and figure out what looks good on the menu when we get there. The only exception to all this would be if family/friends were over and we all decided to go right then based on their recommendation. I would not take the time to look online then.

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My answer is similar to wulfie’s with the addition of if I am trying to watch my weight, I might check the menu to help plan what I am going to eat.

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I prefer to form my own opinion.

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I will often look at the menu online ahead of time, mainly because I’m one of those people who gets overwhelmed by all the choices and I don’t want to hold up the other people I am with while I agonize forever about what to get. But I don’t generally read the reviews unless it got really bad ones. Everybody has different tastes and sometimes one person has a bad experience and will really tear into the place, and that’s not necessarily a reflection on the place on the whole.

Also, we know that half the fun of doing something fun is in the anticipation of it, so that’s also why I like to look at the menu ahead of time.

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Depends on the situation, but I fairly often do look at reviews, and if I have time, I may look at the menu.

One of the main things it depends on, is how optimistic I am about the restaurant. Some places I’d rather not go, or I’d rather pick the place that seems least likely to be bad.

It also depends on who I’m going with, and what their tastes and limits are like.

I quite enjoy going to a good new restaurant and just learning about it in person.

But I don’t enjoy going someplace that’s going to be a problem.

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I can make a decision in a short time. It’s not a big deal for me.

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One other consideration I have is that when I as delivering beer and wine I got to see the kitchens and refrigerators of many of the restaurants in town. There are some I will not go to no matter what they serve or what the reviews are.

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I check the menu since I’m a vegetarian to see what’s available. I don’t check reviews.

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I usually only eat out at fast food restaurants. Like McDonald’s or A&W. Where there is little fluctuations in menu’s.

I spend hours going through online items. I get most of my groceries from delivery. Sometimes I pre-surf and use online menus as a guide when I shop in person.

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My daughter reads reviews and looks at people’s Instagram photos of their food. This is VERY common with young people. Most won’t event consider a restaurant otherwise.

I’ll check their aggregate reviews but usually like to be surprised by the menu.

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I like to look at the menu and prices before going.

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If I am traveling in a new area and have not had a recommendation to go there I look at the menu to see if it what I am looking for. Then i read the reviews.

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These days I always make sure I find the restaurant’s social to better know what I should expect. I check out their menu and prices. I don’t care for reviews as much as I care for their menu because what’s good for other people may not be good for me. Besides there has been an alarming number of paid reviews lately so reviews can be deceiving. The menu is the most honest thing a restaurant can offer.

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@Mimishu1995 I don’t believe all great reviews of a restaurant either. However what I do look at is if there are common complaints…service was slow, cleanliness was bad, how the food was served, etc. And the age of those complaints as well. If they are all from years ago, it is likely they fixed the issues. If they start from years ago and continue to recent times, it is likely they just don’t care.

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I just go, except I read my friend’s reviews for a local paper (not mine but I travel there often) so if those are positive I might go for that reason.

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