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If you can run your whole life through your home, would it be a Heaven or a Hell?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 1 month ago

All shopping, chores, and appointments, through your home? So you never had to leave?

Humor welcome.

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I almost could, if I chose to. I have two jobs that could be fully remote. Almost everything you need can be delivered. Most of my doctors offer tele-health options. I can order any home service online.

I would go batty though if I couldn’t leave the house occasionally though.

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it wouldn’t be heaven or hell, but it would be a prison.

I took an on line mental health census last week. One of the indicators of good mental health is interaction with other people. That comes from leaving the house and interacting with them, even if it is just to but groceries.

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That would mean I was only with me, my wife, and my stepson for all life, never meeting others, not being able to get away. Heaven sometimes, hell others. I’d likely mail-order an lock for the spare room and keep the only key for it.

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This is my ultimate goal in life.

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I already live like that, entirely by choice. I interact with 6 family members in person and several online, and occasionally attend jazz festivals. It is very rare for me to attend a social function, such as a school meeting for my grandsons.

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