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Is there one fuse for these two things in the car?

Asked by jca2 (16471points) 1 month ago

I have a 2015 Honda CRV. I kept the phone charging cord in the center console, connected to the charging thing. Recently, it stopped charging and the same cord, plugged into the cigarette lighter charger doesn’t work either. However, the cord, when plugged into the charging block at home, works fine, so it’s not the cord.

I am wondering if the charging thing in the center console and the cigarette lighter would be on the same fuse? It seems like quite a concidence that neither works at the same time.

I will gladly to go an auto parts store and try to replace the fuse if it’s just one fuse, and it’s something I can live without except if the phone is dead, or close to dead, it’s convenient to be able to charge it in the car, or keep it charged when on a long trip using a battery killer like Waze.

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This is what ChatGPT says….

In a 2015 Honda CR-V, the cigarette lighter (often referred to as the accessory power socket) is typically on the same fuse as other accessory power outlets. According to the 2015 Honda CR-V owner’s manual:

The front accessory power socket (cigarette lighter) is on Fuse #20 in the under-dash fuse box.
The rear accessory power socket is on Fuse #23 in the under-dash fuse box.
The fuse #20, which controls the front accessory power socket, also covers the power to other components such as the front wiper de-icer (if equipped).

It’s always best to refer to the owner’s manual for the most accurate information, as there could be variations depending on the specific trim and options installed in your vehicle. If you need to check or replace the fuse, ensure the vehicle is turned off and the key is removed from the ignition to avoid any electrical issues.

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Looks like that’s likely.

Looking at the fuse box diagram . . .

I see fuse 27 is for the “Front Accessory Power Socket Relay”, and is a 20-Amp fuse.

Since the diagram also shows several other 20-Amp fuses that control other things, I’d suggest you pick one of those you don’t need, and try swapping fuses, and see if that fixes one or both things. (e.g. the one next to it, fuse 26, is “Power Tailgate” – you could swap that one in, assuming the power tailgate is working.)

Here too is an article on fixing those things, which also seems to suggest testing swapping a fuse as the easiest first thing to try.

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During the process of swapping a fuse you can also look to see if the fuse if blown. That could save a lot of time.

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