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Do you think it's flattering to get likes for selfies?

Asked by honeybun35 (995points) 1 month ago

Lately I have been posting a lot of selfies with the duck face on social media. I cannot stop. Almost all my pics are the same. My line of work makes me popular because I be on movie sets. This one guy likes every single photo of mine and does not skip a beat. I feel special.

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Not really; there are some people here on fluther to whom I almost always give a “great answer”.

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Whatever floats your boat.

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It’s likely that more discerning people aren’t liking your selfies.

Likes and positive feedback can be from a self-selecting sample of people with no taste and little to no self-respect.

Duck faces are kind of dumb and unattractive in my not humble opinion

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I have friends who post photos of themselves a lot on social media. Every photo will be with them in it, and they’er looking to get their egos stroked by people telling them how beautiful they are. I guess they need that praise.

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But why would someone like every photo though must mean something. They are all over my page.

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They could be interested In torturing and murdering you in some horrific way. It’s not the ones who like you that you need to worry about it’s all of the other people on social media who don’t say anything at all, they just abduct you and turn you into a human marionette…

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You ask a lot of questions about why guys do certain things, or what are they thinking… I strongly suggest you go to YouTube and subscribe to thedadvocate (that’s The Dadvocate). This lady will help you if you watch her videos. Try it.

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What is your line of work?

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Interesting analysis of what duck face really means:

And btw, duck face is old and lame, fish face is what’s in.

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My personal opinion is when you post photo after photo of yourself, and then you obsess on the responses and what they mean, it means you’re self centered and egotistical. Just my opinion.

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^^ Or perhaps very insecure?

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LOL, I had no idea what “duck face” meant! I thought it was taking a selfie, then pasting Daffy Duck’s bill over your mouth! This lead me down a really weird rabbit hole.

Just thinking of marrying cleavage and Daffy Duck’s “lips” in a photo really gave me a chuckle. Then posting a zillion similar photos of oneself, well, it got weird fast. But then this whole question is absurd, so….

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It’s about as flattering as getting “lurve” here. It’s momentarily flattering, until you realize it’s meaningless, and in the end nothing will come of it.

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No, but I am not vain.

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In my opinion posting selfie after selfie is childish and reeks of attention-seeking insecurity.
That being said if someone likes every single one you post, they probably do like you to some degree, frienship or otherwise.

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I’m guessing in your business and circle of contacts, you must keep posting to keep yourself in the public eye.
An influencer does not become, or stay, an influencer by not posting. It is part of the job.
Do it. And don’t worry about filters. Without them you are at a disadvantage.

Hey, if I looked good with a duck face I’d be posting all the time too. :-)

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No. Posting selfies in numbers is embarrassing and a symptom of something negative.

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I guess if I drew a sense of identity and self-worth from the fake person I presented to the world on social media, then I guess I would be flattered, in a hollow, unfulfilling way. But since I’d rather eat my own butt than get sucked into that game, I could give a shit.

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