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What are your thoughts on people who use a lot of filters?

Asked by honeybun35 (995points) 1 month ago

I see lots of filters being used on social media and was wondering if it’s a good idea for me to use. Some people that’s all they ever use. Is there a good purpose in this?

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I would assume they are vain or insecure or both. I guess people should do what makes them happy, although I do question if it does. I work with children, and there are just way too many way we are messaging to kids that they are not enough, so I would not say this is harmless.

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Virtually all celebrity photos are filtered and adjusted. It is not unusual.

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It’s fine. It’s all fake and performative anyway, so have at. Anyone who thinks what they see of a person on social media is an accurate representation of them is a fool, and if you actually care about the BS fake clout game, you are at a tactical disadvantage without the filters.

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Let ‘em play. What they do is their business.

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What kind of filters?

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To me it tells me they are not happy with their natural looks. All the brows, hair, eyelash extensions, spray tans, only pretty packaging for high-maintenance people who are insecure. It’s kind of a joke with a sad punchline if used all the time. A l9t of guys consider girls who use filters as catfishing.

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Maybe it’s like a new type of makeup?
People have fake hair, fake eyes, lips, teeth, breasts, butts, or whatever. I could see those same people using their computers to augment their appearance. That would be a logical next step, or evolution of
people who already use make up.

OR. It’s a 11 year old kid, in Singapore, trying to get your money….

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I have a granddaughter who uses some sort of program to “enhance” herself. The photos don’t even look like her. But that’s what I get. I’m not a fan. I’d rather see her as she really looks!

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