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Serious question. I haven't taken any kind of drugs, so why do I feel the room moving?

Asked by SABOTEUR (14389points) 4 weeks ago

That’s it. It feels like I’m on a ship being rocked by waves.

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Sounds like vertigo. Could be from an ear imbalance or viral. Try taking Bonine – the over the counter anti-motion sickness med. Of course, I’m not a doctor but I’ve had vertigo and labyrinthitus. And go to a doctor when you can.

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Also not a doctor but @janbb sounds like she hit it.

See a doctor !

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Yes, vertigo. I had a bad case of it a few years ago, shortly after getting my first COVID vaccines. Misery for a week or so.

For me and some others, Menhaden fish oil capsules each day can help. But it entirely depends on the cause.

Heat Exhaustion can also make you quite dizzy.

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I NEVER say this…but GO TO THE DR!!! It might be nothing or it might be serious!!! If it’s nothing, you’ll get peace of mind. If it’s serious, you can get it treated.

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Could be labyrinthitis. An infection of the inner ear.

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I had similar symptoms a couple of years ago and it was diagnosed as BPPV, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. There is a procedure for dealing with it called the Epley Manoeuvre though in my case it cleared up by itself before I had much chance to try it.

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@flutherother Yes, I had the Epley Maneuver done by a PT person some months ago and it really helped. That’s if it’s BPPV and it can be diagnosed by a doctor or physical therapist.

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I had dizziness, and the doctor thought that it was possibly othostatic hypotension, and it turned out to be anxiety. Plus including what other Jellies think.

I get dizziness, and temporary blindness, when I stand up too fast to get to the bathroom. Especially at night. Eating healthy helps.

Please update us.

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When you move the room moves? Or, all the time the room moves and it doesn’t stop when you stay in one position more than 30 seconds?

If it’s constant it could be inflammation in the inner ear or neurological. Did you try Dramamine? If it’s inflammation Dramamine should help.

If it’s positional, then you should be able to correct with the Epley Maneuver to shift the crystals in your inner ear back to the right spot.

Don’t drive while dizzy. Have someone take you to the doctor to be evaluated. Warning: you might not get diagnosed with the first doctor. GP’s don’t always now hoe to evaluate and try to fix Epley.

They can order a head CT too.

Have you been sick recently? Shaken a lot recently like in an accident or on a roller coaster?

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With this heat, dehydration was the first thing that came to mind. be sure to stay hydrated, but this could be serious. I’d go see an urger care center if it were me or a loved-one (I wouldn’t drive either, get ride).

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LSD Flashback. Final answer.

Let us know what the doc says.

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I’ve experienced something similar. Googled “vertigo” and Epley Maneuver popped up. Didn’t stop it entirely. But enough to stop making me nauseous.

Figured it was an allergic reaction to cheese. But could have a number of causes.

If it comes back, I’d mention it to your GP.

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That can be a symptom of a concussion, and if you hit your head hard enough, you might not remember that it happened. I had a concussion a couple years ago, and the sensation of being on a boat was my only symptom.

Another vote for seeing a doctor today. And I agree, no driving.

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Don’t trust to the medical knowledge of us jellies. Go to the Doctor. Your feeling could be vertigo, it could be an ear infection, it could be a problem with your blood pressure, it could be something entire different and worse. Go to the professional.

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@seawulf575 Nobody is saying he shouldn’t go to the doctor. Nobody is giving him a diagnosis; only possibilities. On a Sunday night when you feel that lousy, taking Dramamine or Bonine until you can talk to a doctor is not going to hurt anything.

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A few years ago I suddenly got those symptoms you are describing. Freaked me out. I have had a bunch of concussions in my life, and all sorts of medical issues. Got my kid to drive me to urgent care, I was prepared to talk about neurological issues. The first thing the NP did was to look in my ears. They were plugged up. She cleaned them out and it was immediately corrected. I had no sensation of plugged ears, no infection, nothing. Every six months or so now, when I get the first sensation, I get my ears cleaned out.

I have no idea what is going on with you, but there is a possibility that it could be this simple.

Go to your doctor or Urgent Care.

Be well. <<hugs>>

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@Saboteur Please update us as to what it was when you’re feeling better.

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@janbb actually Dramamine and/or Bonine can lower blood pressure and/or interfere with other medications the person might be on. If the person has high blood pressure and takes blood pressure medicine, that medication can cause bouts of dizziness. If they have low blood pressure they can get dizziness. Adding Dramamine and/or Bonine in either situation will make that effect worse. Low blood sugar could be causing it. Infections can be causing it. There are a number of things that can cause it. Before jumping in on suggesting treatments he ought to see a doctor. There are too many things that can cause dizziness.

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@seawulf575 You’re probably right. I just remember when I had labyrinthitis I was so miserable that I was very happy to have something I could take right away but it was suggested by a doctor friend I called. I stand corrected and hope Saboteur has gotten medical help.

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I had that a lot last summer and my doc reduced my bp meds and it stopped. My bp was dropping too low after weight loss.

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You can get it OTC. It’s what I take for Verigo. Puts me to sleep. It is Dramamine.

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Good point that a jelly brought up low blood pressure can make you feel spacey and/or dizzy. Plus, you can pass out from low BP, it can be very dangerous. If you have a BP cuff at home check your BP. It’s been hot in much of the US and dehydration can cause your BP to drop, plus many other possibilities like overnedicated on BP medication or if you have been dieting.

If ir’s positional it doesn’t make you feel spacey or like you will pass out. It just feels like the room is moving. When it’s severe like the earth beneath you literally has left and you are getting tumbled. It is terrible when it’s severe, I know from experience.

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Just putting my toe in this one. Vertigo. Meclizine for symptoms. Usually goes away in a day or two but if it doesn’t see a physician. No further comments.

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Just adding Meclizine (Classic Dramamine, but I think Dramamine actually has other products too, so look at ingredients) did nothing for my positional vertigo, so taking it is a good test. If it helps then maybe you narrow down what might be causing your vertigo.

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Definitely see a doctor if it doesn’t go away, or goes away then comes back. I had Meniere’s Disease some time ago. Had to do my own troubleshooting to figure out why.

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If I’m not mistaken, the op works on cruise ships?
If that IS still the case, what you describe sounds like “land sickness.”
Essentially, you’re body has been at sea for a while, and is now accustomed to the movement.
We use our horizon for balance.
If it’s not moving all of a sudden, it will feel weird.

A rocking chair, or something similar, could help until you get back to sea.

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@MrGrimm888 I thought he spoke once of going on a cruise with his wife. That was a while ago. I could be wrong.

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^Well. At least I’m not completely forgetful. For some reason, I thought he worked on the ones based out of Charleston SC.

I am not a doctor, or expert on the op’s life. I just saw nobody had mentioned it.

If someone around here told me those symptoms, I would ask if they had been fishing/sailing, or in the Sun a lot.
But typically, it affects people who live on boats.
Land sick, would be nice, because it’s not fatal and treatable.
Thought it was relevant. Maybe not.

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^^^ Been there, done that. Unless he is just (within hours) off a boat, that wouldn’t be it. The effects of landsickness are immediate.

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^^ Yes, I’ve had that too but as you say, it passes quickly.

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I have moving floors for days after a few days on a cruise. I know a lot of people like me. This was way before I developed positional vertigo. Even back when I could spin and spin and no issues and was not probe to any sort of motion sickness I would get sea legs. My positional vertigo started from an accident.

If he just took the cruise it is a possibility that is what he is feeling. He needs to get his land legs back. It doesn’t make me nauseas when it happens.

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@SABOTEUR How are you now? Did everything resolve OK?

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@canidmajor OP was last on June 23rd . . . .

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Well, hopefully he’ll see this when he comes back.

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