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How do you keep the "bastards from grinding you down"?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 4 weeks ago

Humor welcome.

Also name a time where grinding helped you?
Grinding a diamond, to shine?

Share your story.

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NEVER allow anyone to have that much power over you!!! For me, when others start grinding too hard, I go stubborn & put on the brakes. How you deal with it, is up to you.

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Grinding at the strip club?
My co-workers used to say:
“How do you fuck’em?
By doing what they want!”

Many times we saved managers from their stupid ideas and plans by doing things the right way.

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A flamethrower might be useful.

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In Hawaii, to grind means to eat. “Ho, brah, you like grind some ono poke?” Translation: “Hi, brother, would you like to eat some delicious poke?” (Poke is a dish of Hawaiian raw fish.)

Grind can also be used in the place of the word food.

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I mostly avoid bastards.

In a gaming context, though, I tend to find a strong defensive position, and wait for the bastards to come to me, and then I lay waste to them.

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@Hawaii_Jake You talk’n da kine!

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I just ignore his posts.

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@Zaku when I’m gaming, I prefer to take the role of an archer in one form or another. Plus, given the option, I also have a pet that’s good at fighting. So my strategy would be to circle the group of enemies and pick them off one by one with my bow or crossbow, while my pet goes in and wreaks havoc.

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I have a bastard detector. They don’t get within ear shot.
When confronted with one grinding me down I just play their game and it turns on them.
So much satisfaction to watch a grinder grind themselves.

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Thanks @all

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