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Can I bake banana bread in my bread maker?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46938points) 4 weeks ago

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Yup, we haven’t owned one in 20 years, used to make all kinds of breads.

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Sure, but however you mix the ingredients, go right to the bake. Of course this doesn’t really save any time over doing it in a pan in the oven, and is probably harder to clean afterwards. Can I ask what the appeal of the bread machine is in this context?

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Looking at assisted living soon @Smashley. It’s like moving into a dorm.

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Oh, best wishes @Dutchess_III. What a difficult time, but I’m happy you’re making plans and thinking of the possibilities.

I think most bread machines have a quick bread setting, but I still imagine you will need to mix the ingredients by hand, unless I’m quite wrong about what they can do. The knead setting probably wouldn’t work well on a batter, and if it did manage to mix the ingredients, it would probably over mix, resulting in a tough cake.

If it’s an option for your needs or the facility, you might consider a countertop convection oven, as a more versatile tool.

Don’t worry about a bread box with banana bread ;) something airtight is actually better, but still avoid the fridge if you can.

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