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What are some favorite fillings and toppings for celery sticks?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24659points) 3 weeks ago

I’m looking for a variety of celery snacks?

Like Nutella, and raisins.

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Peanut butter

Garlic cream cheese dip

Cheese whiz

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Peanut butter!
Ranch dip.

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My aunt’s favorite was cream cheese topped with raisins. “Ants on a Log”

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Peanut butter

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Cream cheese is my favorite, but I also love peanut butter…and just plain!

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“Ants on a Log”.

“Aunts on a log” is one of the favorite snacks of crocodiles. ;-o

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I like them with hummus, Bitchin’ Sauce, or tuna salad.

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Cream cheese is my favorite. Chipped green onions on top is an added pleasure. The kids always preferred nut butter so I usually did some of each.

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anyone want to hear a funny story about ants on a log?

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My friend used to make ants on a log for her kids. One day she switched it up putting peanut butter on a sliceof bread. She sprinkled raisens and sunflower seeds and something else.
Her son looked at the concoction with raised eyebrows and said “This isn’t ants on a log. Is it bugs on a porch?” I loved that kid!

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I fill celery sticks with almond butter.

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Ok Thanks @all I will try spinach dip. I will update my experiment.

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Mmm cream cheese w lowry season salt, chipped beef and scallions. Yummy and protein.
Please don’t ever use CheeWhiz buddy, it’s so bad for you. Try another soft spreadable like Babybel. :)
One of my favorite new snacks is cottage cheese flat bread. Just cottage cheese w eggs, blender, spread on parchment paper and sprinkle with italian seasoning. Bake 15 min until brown. Then you can top like a pizza, or use as a wrap, or like me just snack bites. Super easy, cheap and healthy protein.

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@zenvello: I love Almond Butter. Yum.

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Red pepper humus!

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I’d get almond butter if it didn’t cost 3X(cost of penis peenut peanut butter),

However, my beloved Bitchin’ Sauce is made from almonds.

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@Brian1946: Double here. At Trader Joe’s, their all natural peanut butter is $2.49/jar but their almond butter is $5.99/jar. Still, it’s so good.

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LOLLL B1946!!

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Update I tried celery with Tostitos Spinach dip. Was ok. Only could eat two sticks at a time. Im glad that It was filling enough so as not to order a $50 pizza.

I will try eating celery, and dip when I get hungry after hours.

Thanks all.

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I had a celery stick, with spinach dip, instead of a slice of cake. I didn’t enjoy, but it served its purpose. As keeping me awary from bulk eating at night.

Next time, I will try smooth peanut butter.

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Exactly @RedDeerGuy1. That’s what it’s suppose to do.
I also ate canned asperagus when I got the munchies.

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@all I tried celery and Jiff Squeezable creamy peanut butter.

It was delicious. I will stick to this from now on.

@all thanks.

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Good job DeerGuy!

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