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Are you familiar with - have you used Paze?

Asked by elbanditoroso (33296points) 3 weeks ago

Probably not – it appears to be brand new. From the people who create Zelle (which I use frequently).

As I understand it, Paze has its own app, and it takes your credit card info (on your smartphone) and obfuscates or encrypts the credit card number for security. Theoretically much safer.

Sort of like what Google Wallet and Apple Pay do – keeping your card # more secure from malefactors.

The big negative is that the store/vendor/website has to choose to accept Paze, and as of now there are three, maybe four companies total that accept it (

Would you find this useful? So far (and it’s early days, true) this seems like a step backward. Does this improve on anything you already use?

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there are three, maybe four companies total that accept it

First I’ve heard of it but sounds useless to me.

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It seems like one more thing to be hacked, one more company to have data stolen, one more service to accidentally go down or be held at ransom.

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Reinventing the mouse trap. Apple Pay works fine for me.

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Samsung Pay works for me and if the card reader doesn’t take NFC (Tap), I can use the left side of phone next to credit card machine, where the card swipe is, and my phone simulates a card swipe.

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