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What policies are the Democrats running on?

Asked by seawulf575 (16871points) 3 weeks ago

There’s a lot of talk about Biden dropping out of the presidential race, especially after the recent debate performance. There is a lot of speculation as to who might be a worthy successor as POTUS. But there are also numerous polls that show Americans feel the country is on the wrong track (71%) and are not happy with the policies Biden has pushed.

So even if they replace Biden with someone else, what would change? Right now all I hear from the Biden campaign is attack ads against Trump. There isn’t a lot of talk about what another term would do to correct the things people are disliking.

Is there a candidate that would actually address the issues? If so, who and what are their goals?

This is in the General section. I’m not looking for Trump bashing or even comparisons. I’m looking for policies the Dems are actually pushing.

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Links on numerous polls? Not all, maybe three. Thanks.

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“numerous polls that show Americans feel the country is on the wrong track”
“There isn’t a lot of talk about what another term would do to correct the things people are disliking.”
– I often answer polls that say I think the country is on the wrong track. I’m mostly NOT thinking of Democratic Party policies when I respond to that poll question that way. And if I am, it’s because I think the Democratic Party isn’t progressive enough. I’m probably mainly thinking of things you asked we not mention.

See this link for the Democratic Party platform.

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@seawolf575 Most Democratic policies remain the same. Protect voter rights, protect women’s rights, Protect the weak and powerless, increase jobs, set policies for greener nation, help with education, and help businesses flourish, protect SS and help build our infrastructure so that businesses can prosper and people can go to work and the nation can function. The list is long. At this juncture in history it’s more about protecting what we have and trying to have a healthy environment for the future.

Now, what people want is a magical wand that can suddenly make the nation prosperous and give everyone a home and get rid of crime and make medical cost disappear without some sort of give and take and to never have to pay taxes and for food prices to go back to what they were in the 1920s.

My point is that it really doesn’t matter what Dems want to do because it’s never going to be enough for the people for left leaners and for the right, they just want the wand to work on their taxes and to have complete power over anyone they consider is less than them and to have the nation work without taxes.
In the end the only thing I see is both sides agreeing on never having to pay taxes which is unrealistic. I mean where would those congressmen get their pay bumps from without taxes.

@Zaku I agree with you. I use to answer polls as well but they are a load of crap. Their questions are often to narrow with a yes or no and the question about whether the country is headed in the right direction is too broad. Overall I don’t think the country is headed in the right direction and that’s because I see the current political climate and I fear we are headed into a dictatorship. Which has nothing to do with the current person sitting in the White House. I’m also seeing the current Supreme Court eroding our national laws. When they do questions like this they don’t ask whom do you think is to blame or what, or what specifically you think is wrong. Yes and nos and many fall in between or need more clarification. It’s why I don’t put much faith in polls. I stopped when I realized my choice for answers was too broad. Its like asking. Do you agree 100 percent or 0 percent.
There is also the perception of what is in a Presidents power to actually change by himself. Anything to do with money has to run through congress. They control the purse strings. Presidents are often like housewives who depend on their husbands to make all the financial decisions. Only its a bunch of husbands and half at any time will hate the wife. So most things don’t get carried out. There often has to be a ton of compromise before anything can be accomplished. It’s a game where mostly the people are the ones who suffer, but not the people on the top.
Though not perfect, it’s better than having absolutely no choices. I certainly don’t want to become North Korea.

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Sanity in Government.

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It’s the same as Republican policies, but with more women prison guards and CEOs.

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@Pandora It might be argued that many of those things are merely campaign promises that don’t really come to fruition. It is the policies I see that I’m questioning. Example: raising taxes to support “necessary” infrastructure improvements don’t really protect the weak and powerless and really don’t produce jobs. The increased taxes hurt everyone and suppress job creation.

I do agree with you that what people want is a magic wand, but beyond that, there are things that people don’t want that they are getting. Hence the polls that show dissatisfaction.

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@filmfann How is that a Democratic policy? Yes, they talk a good story about how they are the party of sanity and democracy, but are they really? What policies point to that?

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The democrat stances that I can identify are: Trump is worse, support Israel (and genocide) at all costs, fail to protect women’s rights, talk about environment/global warming but don’t do anything, ignore COVID (and bird flu and whatever comes next), do nothing about the rapidly growing contingent of disabled Americans, cancel some small amount of student loan debt but do nothing about the interest rates, keep status quo, ignore what the party (and voters, in general) want, pretend that Biden is of good health, and Trump is worse.

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“ignore what the party (and voters, in general) want, pretend that Biden is of good health.” Bingo.

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@Cupcake Spot on. What they mainly seem to be running on (again) is “saving democracy”. I’ll let the irony of “to save democracy, you have no choice in who to vote for” sink in.

The problem with “saving democracy” as a motive for your vote is that it’s like the doomsday preacher who says the world is going to end in three days, and when it doesn’t he says “actually, I have a new revelation, and now the world is going to end in five years”. It’s kicking the can down the road.

I know what the Democratic party platform is—but that’s not even what Biden is touting. You’re talking about a candidate who couldn’t even defend the right to an abortion in the debate…

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@Demosthenes I always found the irony of “Voting for Trump is a vote against Democracy” to be the height idiocy. A man that democratically elected by the method of our democratic republic is a vote against Democracy. That ties right in with your analogy of “to save democracy, you have no choice in who to vote for”. Here’s another thought on that front: Biden is likely not going to be the nominee for the Democratic Party. They don’t want him to be. So despite the votes of all those that voted in the primaries, a couple elites are going to name the new nominee for the November election. How is that supporting democracy?

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