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Am I that only one that does this?

Asked by KmiberDWZ (141points) 2 weeks ago

So, I tend to write down a list of my favorite stuff (characters, food, drinks, anything) because I tend to forget about what my favorite thing is especially when it comes to my top number 1 for some reason and I would usually remember on my own or go back to my notes to reread it. This has started since I was about 16 or so and I’m 20 now still writing notes which I don’t mind but I wonder why can’t I at least remember some things in order and I’m wondering if I’m the only one that goes through this, especially at this age and wondering if this is normal. Thanks!

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I love to make lists of all sorts of things. You’re not the only one.

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My daughter is a list maker too. Has been since she learned to write. She’s 21 now and still does it.

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No one is ever the only one to do something.

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My husband has been a list maker all his life. He even asked his parents to help him when he was 4 years old.

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