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What are you celebrating?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37536points) 2 weeks ago

Did you get any good news recently? Tell us. Let us join in your happiness.

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I’m hoping for some this week but not yet.

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Got a replacement hot water heater, one week without hot water. Shower tonight !

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Moving to an assisted living situation. Can’t wait

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I celebrate passing exams. Just now hoping i will be accepted into college

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Made some new friends today over lively discussions and good food.

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@Koxufoxu Hooray for you!

@all, HOORAY

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WHO RAW!!!!!

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My sister just moved to Philly and is only ~4 hours away instead of being across the country. I’m going to get to see my nieces way more often now which warms my heart.

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I slept more than 5 hours last night!

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That’s cuz I’m taking all your sleeps @hat.

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