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Do you have a favorite word?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37536points) 2 weeks ago

Or one or more that you really love?

I love “revel”. It always sounds commanding. “You! Go have a good time!” is what I feel like when I use it.

What words do you really like?

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I love “perplex” and all iterations of it. It’s fun to say, the p’s and the x are silly in my mouth, and it embodies the confusion of the definition.

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Simply elegant ! Two words I know.

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Bubbly. It just makes me smile.

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phantasmagoria and effervescent are among my favorites.

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No is quite good, nice and short and unmistakeable but I prefer yes.

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My sisters had a Push Me Pull You from Dr Dolittle.
Pull a string and it said “Indubitably!”

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Discombobulated, schmooze, blubber or even bubbler! or bubblier! bobble!

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Illumination. Cryptosporidium is fun to say, not fun to have.

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