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Trump taking sensitivity classes.

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Trump apologizing to anyone.

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Familes of slaves getting retroactive minimum plus wages for centuries of unpaid labor.

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Breaking news Trump said nothing offensive today.

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Kamala Harris invocation of 25th amendment.

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99 years old, Jimmy Carter replacing President Joe Biden on Democrat ticket.

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Pack of wild weiner dogs mauls Pope.

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@Seawulf575 votes for Biden!

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OMG…you could literally make up anything to answer this silly question, ad infinitum, as has been demonstrated.

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Grocery Prices Fall

No, all you’re going to see is “inflation cools”, which means prices are still going up, just not quite as quickly. ;)

Or how about:

[Current Year] Cooler Than Previous Year

Nope, every year is now the “hottest year on record”. I wonder which year was the coldest?

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^The ice ages?

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@Demosthenes: @chyna is generally correct.

From here:

“The Cryogenian ice age, was different from the Huronian. In fact, such an ice age has never been seen again in Earth’s history. Ice caps and glaciers extended all the way from the poles to the middle of equator, covering every inch of the planet, making it look like a giant snowball. Aptly, the phenomenon is known as ‘Snowball Earth’. The Cryogenian ice age was caused due to two rapid glaciation events in the ice age, separated by a very small, warm interglaciation period. This most extreme ice age on our planet lasted from 720 mya to 635 mya.”

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“republicans to scrap project 2025, realising that it would create the deep state they have so long imagined”

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US government gives back all the land they stole from the Indigenous people of the Americas.

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@chyna Yep! That one would never happen.

Another one might be that @chyna votes for Trump.

But seriously, We knowingly lied for the past 20 years to cover Democrats might be one.

We stopped doing our jobs as journalists a long time ago

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I learned a long time ago that never is a long, long time!!! Pick any daily headline & you’re bound to see one that I would have said could never happen & proves my point.

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