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Could Trump choose one of his children as his running mate?

Asked by chyna (51431points) 1 week ago

And would the republicans allow it if so?

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Only if they are 45 years old or older.

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@RedDeerGuy1 35 years for VP or President.

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@canidmajor ok. What if the president dies and the vp is under 45?

Edit redacted. Thanks 35.

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It’s not 45. ” The Constitution lists only three qualifications for the Presidency — the President must be at least 35 years of age, be a natural born citizen, and must have lived in the United States for at least 14 years.”

From this:,for%20at%20least%2014%20years.

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Frankly, m’dear I don’t give a damn who he chooses. It’s still shit on a shingle.

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@janbb shhh don’t let a certain wolf hear you he gets all upset when anyone bad mouths his orange god.

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I’m afraid we won’t be done with the Trumps for a long time. I’m sure Don Jr. is preparing himself to take after his father some day, and probably soon.

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I don’t remember ever learning that the VP can’t be related. It’s a good question. I doubt Trump will pick one of his children as a running mate, but he could always set that up after he wins if he has enough votes in congress.

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@jonsblond, don’t you think that’s more likely to be Ivanka? I’m expecting her to be anointed by Donald.

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@Jeruba I am also expecting him to nominate Ivanka. The only reason he might not is she kept her distance during his trials.

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Fascism allows for anything. He could have his orange hair declared as VP on his dictatorship day.

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I don’t know of anything that stops him from suggesting one of his children as his running mate, but the Republicans would have to go along with it. Basically, whoever he chooses will likely go on to be the next Republican candidate in 4 more years.

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The question is would Ivanka want the job? She’s probably busy doing other things. I can imagine the idiot sons wanting it, or the son in law. Then when dad’s time is up, the sons would be looking to run for president.

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Ivanka seems to be distancing from her dad. I think she would run for office separate from him though. Her husband probably would take the VP spot if it was offered. I’d rather have her.

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@Jeruba I don’t think so. I think she’s a Democrat at heart and she’s distanced herself from her father. Don Jr. is active with the MAGA campaign.

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Remember one thing…IF 45 becomes 47, he plans on shredding the Constitution, so ALL laws will go out the window with this most likely being our LAST election. He won’t have a VP & won’t appoint anyone to succeed him until he is on his death bed so he can hold that appointment over the heads of each of the brats thereby controlling them to the nth degree. Any child misbehaving will disappear from view. He will pattern himself after Putin & Kim Jun Un…Un’s dad had said that his brother should take over after Un passed on. Then he mysteriously died!!! Then a nephew or cousin was to be next in line, but he disappeared without a trace. My best guess is that the Republican party will cease to exist as they will NO longer serve a purpose!!! Putin’s challengers die regularly & he’s now attempting to prosecute a dead rival’s wife who no longer lives in Russia.

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@LadyMarissa That is an amazing story! Tell me: how is he planning on shredding the Constitution? You make it sound so easy and yet you forget so much of history! As POTUS he has a lot of power, but that power is allowed by the Constitution. And there are side rails to limit his powers. There is guidance for how to deal with a POTUS that gets out of line. And remember when he was 45? All the Dems did was to try framing him so they could get rid of him. Do you believe this time around will be any different? Your TDS is showing, m’dear.

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