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Can my sick ficus tree be saved?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37534points) 1 week ago

I have a ficus tree that’s about 8 or 9 years old. It used to be lush, but I gave it too much water for too long. Then I let it get dry.

It has lost the vast majority of its leaves. I pruned many dead branches hoping to help.

What can I do to revive it?

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Talking to plants helps. As it gives much needed carbon dioxide.

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If you pulled it out of it’s pot what would the soil look and feel like?

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“You can save your Ficus tree by targeting its problems. These problems can be inadequate watering, excessive light, rotten roots, and deficiencies. By proper watering, relocating, repotting, and using compost, you can address the problems and save them.”

This looks like just what you need:

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Yes. You want to cut off rotting roots. And let all the roots dry out. Repot.
Water once a week.

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Thanks, everyone! It looks like I need to repot it.

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Oh yes! That would be good
Make sure the roots are dry.

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I’m of the school that ALL plants can be saved!!! I’d repot & start over. Ficus needs 4–6 hours of sunlight daily. You might want to read this for some better info. Plus, you know what you did before & what you’ve done since.

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Let us know how that works, please!

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I think it will come back.

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