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When you are at home most of the day, do you eat at set meals times or graze?

Asked by janbb (63038points) 1 week ago

I tend to have breakfast and then nosh my way through the day. Some cheese and crackers, a piece of watermelon, a few spoonfuls of ice cream, etc. Then supper around 5:30 -6.

How about you?

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My tendency is to graze, but I do better if I keep to a schedule. I have reverted to toddler status, I need a mommy to keep me on track.

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I eat set meals as usual but with more snacks in between.

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I have fixed meals to help give structure to the day.

Breakfast 7:30am
Lunch c12:30
Evening meal c5:30

With some snacking in the evening.

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I eat breakfast at around 9am, then graze for the rest of the day. Crackers and bread and butter pickles, cheese sticks, bing cherries, maybe mashed potatoes mixed with corn…sometimes some ground beef too. I’m also a big fan of cereal, hot or cold. Another staple for dinner is brown rice with cheddar cheese and corn. Not a big fan of meat. Dinner can be anywhere from 5pm to 9pm, depending on how hungry I am.

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Since I retired in early May, I have been eating breakfast about 9 a.m., but then no grazing. I have a latte around noon, and some wheat thins about 3; another latte at 4:45. And yen nothing until dinner about 7:30.

I am also on Wegovy now.

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@zenvelo What is Wegovy?

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^^ It’s the weight-loss version of Ozempic, which is for diabetes. Same thing, different label approval. @zenvelo Be aware of the side-effects; I lost ⅓ of my hair on Ozempic. I also saw something recently in the headlines about vision problems with GLP-1s. I wish you the best of results, though!

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Two meals a day. I try to have them 4–6 hours apart. Water or tea to drink.

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I eat a big breakfast (well over 1000 Kcals) of whole grain cereal with whey protein, nonfat milk and fruit. I eat again when it is convenient. Usually well after noon. Then I eat an early (when convenient) and light dinner.

I avoid all junk foods and sugary snacks. No caffeine beverages whatsoever.

I’m an old man now and have always maintained the same weight as in high school (5’11” and 147 pounds +- 5 pounds).

Good health.

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Ozempic messes up your body’s ability to digest properly too, and from what I read, the effects are permanent. I don’t know if Wegovy does the same thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Pretty much two meals a day with a snack or two.

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It took practice to not graze all day as a Remote Worker.
I simply set goals to eat more healthy and effectively through my day. Snacking is not a bad thing. What you snack on can be.

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@Forever_Free Yes. I don’t graze unhealthily generally. I am pretty careful about what I eat It’s just a different style of eating.

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I’ll eat breakfast, snack in the afternoon, then dinner. I rarely eat an actual lunch.

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Also remote worker, no grazing for me. No breakfast (hate it), a few bites at lunch, possibly a banana or fruit snack 2–3pm, then small dinner.
Sitting at a keyboard I have to limit my intake.

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I have one meal each day between 5pm and 7pm. At night I have sugar-free ice cream and if I feel hungry I pop some popcorn or have some fruit. I bought a bag of goldfish crackers to take to my mom but left them here by mistake. We ate the whole bag that night. I do not buy any snack-type foods for obvious reasons. AFTER we ate those crackers I read the ingredient list to ensure I am not tempted again. In fact I compared that list to Annie’s Bunny Crackers and Annie’s wins big time. I will not be buying mom the Goldfish anymore….she’s getting the Bunnies.

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I’m a grazer. I eat all day long whenever I’m hungry.

Related to this (I believe), I can’t consume large meals. I’m a cheap date when eating out. The concept of an appetizer and US-portion meals is intimidating.

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@hat I agree, I try to order off the child menu if the restaurant allows it. Otherwise we usually skip apps and even then take leftovers home for another meal or two. We tend not to eat out much due to prices and the fact that neither of us eat a lot at one time.

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Dinner is usually the only meal I plan around. Other than that I eat when I’m hungry. I’m working on not eating junk, but if I’m not hungry I don’t eat just because it is breakfast time or lunch time.

Oddly, though, when I get hungry, I look at the clock to see if I should be considering breakfast or lunch types of food.

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@seawulf575 I still by my husband a few pieces of junk each week, at least you guys are trying. :)

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For those of youquestioning my taking Wegovy, it is different from Ozempic according to my doctor. And, Wegovy is the only one covered by Medicare, partly because it is demonstrated helpful for heart patients (like me).

There are a number of possible side effects but I have not experienced any. I have lost about 9 lbs in 15 days.

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^^ Medicare Part D covers Ozempic to treat Type 2 diabetes and to reduce cardiovascular risk in those with Type 2 diabetes and known heart disease. The difference between them is that Wegovy is a higher dosage.

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