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If you could speak a new language tomorrow, which one would it be and why?

Asked by Celeste00 (786points) September 25th, 2008

I’ve worked with languages for a while now, and I’m curious as to which ones people are most interested in. No need to throw in factors like how hard you think it is to learn, just which one would you like to speak.

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An Alien language(as in from another planet) So I could send them a text message and tell them to get me the hell off the planet. It sucks! lol

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French, I need to course a person, big time :l

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Ich liebe Deutsche.

I enjoy German philosophy.
But I feel like so much is lost in translation.
Not to mention science, math, physics, etc.

Plus, I may be the minority in this, but I love the sound of it.
Probably biased I’m sure.

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Italian. I want to live in Italy one day…

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As an English speaker, I can usually work out the gist of many European languages from my limited knowledge of French, German Latin etc. But eastern languages like Japanese and the Chinese dialects I have no clue about so I’d love to be able to speak one of those.

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The language of lurve.
Just kidding.

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Binary. Then I could “talk” to any computer.

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Spanish. So I can just know it already.

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Faroese. Then I could find out what the hell Wildflower said.

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Czech. I love the country and the culture. I studied abroad there and got good enough to fool some of the locals (sometimes to my dismay because they’d just fire off in Czech at me and I’d have NO IDEA what they were saying).

Also because then I could move there. Which is the ultimate goal.

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Mandarin Chinese. 1,321,851,888 new people to talk to. Millenia of thought to understand.

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One of those click-clack languages that isolated tribes in africa communicate with. Pretty much only two sounds that I need to remember and I can articulate any thought.

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Portuguese for me. Sexiest damn language in the world, aside from maybe Italian.

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Arabic. For shizzle.

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I am currently learning Mandarin (for similar reasons as Harp stated), so I would just want to know it already and speak fluently !

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I can speak spainsh but I really want to learn french

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Spanish. Every American needs to know Spanish.

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Chinese ! So i can fully exchange with my love and have a future very good internship in CHina.

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French…I took it for a year in high school and loved it. I loved art more, though, so I never took any more courses in it. I just think it sounds beautiful.

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I remember, you know, back in the day…
1980: Chinese is the language of the future!!!!!
1990: Chinese is the language of the future!!!!!
2000: Chinese is the language of the future!!!!!
Closer and closer to 2010, and still, Chinese is not the language of the future, and I guess it will never be… that’s why I haven’t learnt chinese so far

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