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What's in your refrigerator?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) September 25th, 2008

or better yet, your garbage can? they say you can tell a lot about people if you sift thru the garbage. and if you look in your fridge, could you be resourceful and make a meal or is it just “cold hard trash?” since we’re talking movies lately, remember the scenes in “the fugitive” where dude was keeping animal body parts on ice? or is everything wrapped in aluminum foil. or does it look like a food channel fridge with all the necessities of cooking, complete with wine and fresh fennel?

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Some green stuff, on the meat…

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On Saturdays, my fridge looks like it came straight out of the Food Network. I wake up on Saturday morning and go to one of the best farmer’s markets in the nation (no lie). However, it is Thursday night and I only get what I know I’ll use in a week, so it’s looking kind of bare. My stuff for lunch and breakfast is already at work, so I only have tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s scroungables in the fridge.

So I’ve got condensed stock, mustard, ketchup, milk, Becherovka, juice, stuff that won’t go bad, you know? And I’ve got spaghetti squash we made earlier this week that I should eat and probably won’t because the boy added waaaaay too much sage.

In the freezer I have organic minty chocolate chip frozen yogurt (best stuff ever), a block of cheddar cheese, two slices of meat loaf, some rum, ice, salmon, and thin mints.

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A light and something that really smells bad.

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Belgian beer, French wine and some milk

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@lightlyseared: wow, what could u cook?

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Well, you can tune in on the next episode of Cribs to find out.

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my fridge? poblano peppers, scotch bonnet peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, half bottle of white zinfandel, celery, lime, milk, eggs, butter, parmesan cheese, fruit cups, salad dressings, and mysterious leftovers wrapped in aluminum foil.

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I have a mini fridge in my dorm and, considering that I haven’t been to the grocery store in a week, I have only smoked turkey lunch meat, muenster cheese, smoked hot dogs, string cheese, asiago cheese bread, attune bars, garlic butter, low fat mayo, mustard, ranch, whipped cream, pepperonis, egg rolls, diet mountain dew, water, frozen California 4 cheese pizza, and Cadbury chocolate. :)

yeah, yeah, I know… but what else do you expect in a mini fridge??

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@sloane: ‘Yeah, yeah, I know…’, what? That is more variety and quantity of food than most people have in their homes, let along mini fridge in a dorm. You rock.

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Alot of what is in my garbage can was recently in my refrigerator…..we lost power last week for a couple of days and those half jars of pasta sauce just had to go….

My refrigerator is squeaky, sparkly clean from the recent gutting and all of the stuff is fresh and new.

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I forgot to mention what was in my trash can, but honestly that’s only because I spend way too much time at my boyfriend’s house to let anything stay in it. If possible I take it out as soon as food stuff goes in.

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Trash is empty because one of my dogs likes to tip it over all the bloody time…

Fridge has all the condiments, a salad from Mickey D’s, lots of diet soda, lots of flavored water, some dead prepackaged salad, a new packaged salad, some eggs that have been there for awhile, taco cheese….that’s it.

I really haven’t cooked since my daughter left for college…

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Hotdogs, mustard and Pabst.

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Going shopping tomorrow, so it’s a little bare: Milk and half & half, real butter and fake, many cheeses, celery, carrots, eggs, the usual condiments (and a few unusual), Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rolling Rock, wine, juice, lemonade and sodas. The trash is really bad…empty boxes/bags for Triscuts, Utz BBQ potato chips, and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.

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@charliecompany Cook? After a couple of bottles of Duval (750ml at 8.5%) I can barely stand nevermind anything more complicated.

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How in the world did anyone answer without taking up the entire page?
Because I’m about to do just that (and not even counting freezer or condiments)!

– beer (Murphy’s, Sierra Nevada, Stella Artois, Kokanee)
– wine (four bottles)
– sake
– V8
– apple sauce
– chicken broth
– whipped cream
– Odwalla Super Food
– egg substitute
– kimchee

– miso (three different types)
– pepper paste
– baking soda
– organic sour cream
– spicy anchovies
– pickled ginger
– margarine
– sundried tomatoes
– strawberry jam
– blueberry yoghurt
– vegetable dip
– eggs
– chocolate soy milk
– leftovers (BBQ, baked beans, sweet potato pie)

– cheese (laughing cow, cheddar, swiss)
– ham
– bacon
– pancetta

– Gatorade
– red bell pepper
– Safeway jambalaya
– pickled onions
– Polaroid film (600, 88, 500)
– jar of batteries (AA, AAA, C, D)

– broccoli
– mushrooms
– eggplant
– string beans
– green onions
– baby carrots
– carrots
– celery
– jicama
– fingerling potatoes
– cucumbers
– cabbage

– ground sirloin
– chicken thighs

– butter
– cream cheese
– capers
– roasted red pepper and artichoke tapenade
– georgia peach butter
– peach jam
– cornichons
– pickled leeks
– margarita mix
– orange juice
– seltzer water

Geez. I think I just broke a personal record for longest answer.

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@Nimis, what time should we be over for dinner? :}

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@deaddolly, sounds like it could be an adventurous evening.

He keeps assorted batteries right next to his poloroid film!! Nimis , you kinky boy, lol….just kidding!

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I always thought Nimis was a girl…

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Yeah? hmm. Do I need to apologize to you Nimis? I can’t remember why I thought it was a guy, but if I’m wrong.. oooops, sorry!! :P

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well, he/she just called me “dude” on another post. That’s usually a male term. btw, I hate the word dude.
we should do an are you male or female question!

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Sorry, dude.

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lol Are you dude or dudette (no offense…lol…well, maybe a little)

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Now I am intrigued!!

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Duuuude. I’m an 80s girl, so I totally say dude.

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It’s such a stupid term. Makes ppl look like dumb valley kids. Not any one on here, of course.

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Well, I was a dumb valley girl! Well, maybe a smart one. ; )

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lol…smart for sure.

Hey, I once found a frozen cockroach belly up in my ice cube tray once! It was in my very first apartment when I was in college. Wonder if that’s why I don’t like ice in my drinks now…
Sorry. had to share that…

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When I was a kid, we lived in an awful apartment complex, infested with bugs. After having eaten a piece of toast with powdered sugar on it, I made another piece. When I reached into the box of sugar with a spoon, I came up with a dead roach. After I finished screaming, I looked in the box and it was just littered with dead roaches. To this day, I cannot store sugar, flour and the like in it’s original container. Must be in an airtight canister or ziplock bag.

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@augustian ugh! I store sugar in the fridge…had an ant attack once.
So nasty! tx for sharing!

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yuck! That reminds me of the time my sister-in-law served me a piece of french toast ala roach. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings, because I knew she would have been mortified, so I slipped it to her dog under the table (minus the roach of course) when she wasn’t looking.

It almost backfired on me because she thought I ate it quick and offered me another peice. I just said, no thanks, I’m full, and almost barfed!!

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