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Is being a barber the safest job?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) September 25th, 2008

hair will always grow back, so you always have demand.

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Salons and places like The Haircuttery and Super Cuts are killing barber shops. That, and it is almost completely dominated by women.

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The safest job is an Air Defense Missile System Repair Technician with the USAF.

This is because you are safely underground, in a silo that can withstand a direct hit from a nuclear blast.

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No, handling sharp scissors can be dangerous….

But I think you’re asking about job security? In that case, doctor, dentist, cop?

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no. anything in the medical field is going to be the safest

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No—when finances get tight, many people cut their hair at home. Usually a female in the family or a friend will do it.

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Remember death and taxes. Either a Mortician or a CPA.

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According to Forbes, the most secure jobs are:

Federal Judge
Yes, there’s a lot of schooling. But once approved by Congress, these employees have life-long positions. Only seven federal judges have been removed from the bench, ever.

Tenured Educator
Firing one of these employees is similar to convicting a criminal. School administration must prove their charges that the employee was not fulfilling his or her responsibility or acted inappropriately.

Unionized Worker
Unionized employees are not immune from economic conditions. But they are entitled to representation by union officials if lay-offs or an economic downtown occur. In these instances, union officials figure out how to get people paid or they come up with a training plan to teach members another skill.

Civil Servant
There is an extensive and lengthy disciplinary process involved in removing any government official, for whatever reason, plus there is always the likelihood of an appeal; hence, civil service jobs are regarded as being particularly secure.

If the health care system stays as it is, nurses will be in demand for at least another seven years, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The aging baby boomers ensure that nurses will be in demand for a long time. Right now, there simply aren’t enough of them.

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@john- Waynes World: “As you can see, it sucks as it cuts!” “Well, it certainly does…suck.”

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I think being a full time mom is one of the safest jobs there is.
Hundreds of millions of women have done it with a Very low injury/death rate.

You also don’t have to commute to work

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@Windex; True, but even in the easiest barter economy, one needs some cash to survive. You can’t swap baby-sitting or banana bread for a tank of gas, unfortunately.

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Several years ago, I knew a gal who swapped oral sex for a full tank of gas.

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It depends on who is the barber school instructor!

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What? You never saw “Sweeney Todd”???

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for the barber or for the customer?
sweeney todd has completely changed the way i think of barbers.

in all seriousness, i’ve never really thought about it. i mean, there are so many hair dressers/barbers, and then there are people who will do their hair themselves. but honestly, i have no clue.

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