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Which sexual position do most women like best.

Asked by Zaxwar91 (225points) September 25th, 2008


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You’ll have to ask MOST women, to find out.

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When having sex with a man, most women prefer to be on top. At least the women that I know do.

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My limited research has taught me that different women enjoy different things.

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Many women can not orgasm by intercourse alone. Being on top allows us to get other body parts involved.

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johnpowell and Jack are right. A few can’t answer for all.

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johnpowell nailed it. And I, speaking from personal experience, have enjoyed different positions with different people at different times in my life. So I couldn’t even really pick a favorite. I think the best answer I could give would be:

It depends.

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what’s a sexual position, you mean six pack?

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It must be noted that a woman can prefer a certain position with “Guy A,” but may prefer an entirely different position with “Guy B.”

The physical characteristics of each man, may change the lady’s preferences, dramatically.

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I find it funny that all the GAs have gone to men…

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@trudacia – I bet you would get a GA if you elaborated in more detail about your answer

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@makemo what????

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@fireside, I don’t care about the GA, just find it funny that this question was geared toward women and the men are getting the love.

Obviously every woman is different. I mean no disrespect to the men who have participated in this question! Just think I know a little more about what women want.

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Whatever position that involves cuddling afterwards.

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I have preferred different positions with different people. This question doesn’t have just one answer. I think if you asked a question like: “Women, what are your top 3 favorite positions in order?” you might get responses that more closely resemble what you’re looking for.

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I’d say most women prefer the really good ones.

speaking from limited experience as well.

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Varies from partner to partner. Even when I’m with one partner, it varies from day to day!

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My favorite position is any which way I can get it.

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