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The iphone seems like a interesting device but who really surfs the web on a moble phone?

Asked by reviewmyplace (5points) September 25th, 2008
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I do, all the time when I’m traveling. I use it in bed in the morning too, to check on things without having to get my laptop out.

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People like me who have hundreds of accounts online.

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I don’t know about “surf” the web, but every iPhone owner I know certainly goes to the web on their iPhone to look for specific information (facebook, airline checkin, wikipedia, Google Maps, etc).

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I go through loads of sites on my blackberry. It’s about having that type of convenience at your fingertips. And really it’s only going to continue to grow like that. You will no longer have an option – in the not too distant future – to have or not have a data plan. It’ll just be tacked onto your account and you’ll be doing it all from your phone. And once I get the G1 I’ll be looking for an implant into my brain so that I never roam alone. =)

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I do all the time. Especially when I’m waiting in line for stuff.

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I do, all the time. Maybe it’s hard to imagine doing it, until you’re able to do it.

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I use my iPhone to: help me when I get lost (maps), check the news (especially politics), and surf a few websites I really like. I spend anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour on the bus each morning and each afternoon. Being able to engage myself on the iPhone in that time is wonderful.

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I do all the time. I search for clients. Exchange emails. Fluther. Digg. Facebook. You name it. A computer in my pocket that let’s me look into the world. My iPhone.

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I don’t have an iphone, but just saw someone post about playing this game while he’s on the john: aqua hoops
It’s by the same guy that made dinglepop and draw my thing .

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To be honest, 60% or more of my Fluthering is done from an iPhone. It’s a great time filler.

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I do quite often. I Fluther on my phone mostly, and search for things while out, or traveling. Sometimes, it’s more convenient than having my laptop around.

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it’s my only option, zip 35051 only has dial up..

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I use my iPhone to surf the Internet all the time. Hardly ever use it to talk on the phone.

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I use my iPhone for Fluther, in fact, that’s how I found Fluther. I used google maps on my most recent road trip everyday, and used it to find/book my hotels. I surf here and there, I used it more while I was on vacation for surfing. It’s great though, I don’t know what I did without it before. It’s just nice to know you can surf the net whenever/wherever you are.

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I also use my iPhone for surfing the net WAY more than as an actual phone. iPhone specific sites are the best, obviously, but not required. I usually use it to surf from bed and I also often grab it to check things out while I’m actually sitting at my computer waiting for it to do something (like connect to a Battlefield 2 server). It’s amazing how capable the iPhone is. Also, Launchrz is a good resource for finding iPhone specific sites.

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