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What sports record is the most impressive? Which will never bee broken?

Asked by PrancingUrchin (1939points) September 25th, 2008 from iPhone

In my opinion, the most impressive may be Cal Ripken’s constcutive games record. The hardest to break would be Johnny Van Der Meer’s two consecutive no-hitters. To break it someone would need to throw 3 no-no’s in a row! Sorry both of mine are baseball. It is not confined to only baseball though, any sport.

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Bee broken?
Cy Young’s career record of 511 victories is safe.

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The skydiving freefall record, made without a parachute.

A Soviet Air Force Colonel (during WWII) fell 20,000 feet from his damaged aircraft, hit the side of a snow-covered mountain, slid to the bottom and survived. He’s in the record books, and skydiving is an international sport.

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@Astro, sorry about the typo. Good mention of Cy Young. Your’e very right. It is completely safe.
@ maybe, what?
@JackAdams, that’s insane. I’ve never heard that story. Must’ve been a trip.

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I agree that Cy Young’s wins record will never be broken. I think Nolan Ryan’s 5,714 career strikeouts is safe too.

@maybe_KB is referring to Tiger? Not sure which record.

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@PrancingUrchin: I agree, but check the Guiness Book for the full story. I believe that his parachute failed to open.

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I think it is hard to compare from one sport to another. I agree with in the sports so far.

I would say Bret Favre’s consecutive starts at quarter back is up there in my opinion.

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Here’s a couple

I might add Ryan’s 6 no-hitters; Pitchers don’t last as long as they used to.

In 1951, Nat Holman and the CCNY Beavers won the NCAA basketball tourney AND the NIT in the same year and that won’t happen again.

The Lakers’ winning streak in 1972, led by Wilt the Stilt Chamberlain.

As long as we are discussing Wilt, his claim of bedding 20,000 different women is going to be hard to break and equally hard to document.


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smorgan- Someone has already surpassed Nolan Ryan’s 6 no-hitters and it was…

Nolan Ryan.
He’s had 7 of them.

Also, an ex-Castro aide insists that Fidel Castro has slept with 35,000 women. That’s a little hard to believe. Just do the math. Although I find Wilt’s claims far from believable as well.
(And Castro was an athlete so he fits into this thread. He was a pitching prospect for the Yankees back in the 1950s.)

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Michael Phelps’ olympic medals.

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Lance Armstrong winning 7 Tour de France victories in a row.

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i tend to think that the world record time for the 100m will get to a point where it can’t get any lower…..does that sound obvious?....what i mean is you can chip away at most athletics events….but surely sooner or later the 100m record will be impossible to break…in 50 years time it might be possible to chip away the 1500m etc…but can you really keep getting any quicker at such a short distance as a 100m sprint…

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Michelle Kwan’s impressive record-breaking achievement for garnering the most perfect 6.0’s in ice skating history will never be broken, because they did away with that judging system a few years ago. No one else can ever do that again.

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Ice Skating doesn’t count.


Anyone who says ice skating is not a sport has never seen the rigors that ice skaters go through in training and in their high pressure competitions. Someone said that ice skating is like doing the hurdles in track and field, but you have to do it with a constant smile on your face and try to look graceful doing it. It is a very tough sport indeed, requiring cardiovascular fitness, strength, and mental fortitude. There was a recent competition on t.v. that had figure-skating stars partnered with ice hockey players (like Dancing with the Stars), and the hockey players had a very hard time keeping up with the figure skaters!

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Yeah? How did the ice skater keep up with the hockey player? How would the ice skater deal with being smashed into the wall by a 6’3”, 240 lbs left wing going 25 mph? How long does the average ice skaters career last compared to a football players?


@simone54 Actually, ice skaters’ careers do not last long, due to the constant pummelling their joints take in all the jumps, twists, and hard falls they do. Men skaters are usually considered old by the time they’re 25, and women old by the time they’re 20. True, ice skaters would not take a lot of the hard bodily contact that hockey players take, but then a lot of hockey players can’t take the body smashing either! And they have on all that protective equipment too! You see them getting hit to the ice all the time, knocked unconscious. Figure skaters have to deal with the added “unique” difficulty of mental pressure in their sport. Figure skaters skate, compete alone (and even in pairs they have to rely on themselves). There is a lot of pressure for them to not mess up, hit an edge and fall, and they have to be perfect on the ice. Hockey players have the luxury of relying on their team members for help and support. Not so with figure skaters. No one helps them but themselves. I doubt a hockey player can deal with the same pressures. Lol.

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Wayne Gretzky’s career points total of 2857 is absolutely untouchable: with 300 fewer games than Messier or Howe (2nd and 3rd place) his points total is almost double theirs. To put this in perspective, if Gretzky had never scored a goal in his career, his assist total alone would be enough to retain 1st place in career points. That said, he did score a few goals in his time…

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