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Apartments in Los Angeles?

Asked by goony22 (3points) September 25th, 2008

Trying to find a place to live in LA, not sure where I should be looking? Trying craigslist regularly, but any other sites/resources anyone can recommend for finding a place to rent? Thanks!

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Emilyy's avatar is reliable and pretty popular, but you have to buy a subscription for like $60 for a month. Sometimes you can buy a password on Craigslist for less and it might be good for another 3 weeks or something.

Also, and, but I’ve never used them and am not sure what they’re like.

If you’re local and have a free Saturday, I’d suggest the old drive-around-and-look-for-signs method. The weekend before we got our place, my roommate and I just drove up and down residential neighborhoods we liked, callinng the numbers outside of any building that looked good. The following Monday, I got a few calls back, and one of them was my awesome building! Success!

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westside rentals is about it,, and good luck getting anyone to answer their phone or keep an appointment. I f you make a reasonable connection, grab it before it’s gone!

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