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What is a good App to record system audio on my mac?

Asked by sethmedia (80points) September 25th, 2008

I need to be able to record my skype and ichat conversations and other audio is there a good and professional app for this? Preferably free.

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Audacity Use the beta version. It has an option to record based on time or just by clicking record.

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Audio Hijack Pro is AWESOME.

It costs money, but it is easily acquired.

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second Audio Hijack Pro-comes bundled with some other useful utilities:


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Audio Hijack Pro is a nice app and I would recommend it to anyone who’s got some extra scratch. But for the free enthusiast Audacity is free and open source (my favorite type of software).

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Aaand a fourth vote for AHP! I use it for grabbing audio from everything.

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This was a little hard to find. I had to to dig it up…

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Audio Hijack it’s better and faster that Wiretap Studio, and you can get it searching google for the torrent with SNs and all ;) (not recomended)

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