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Heh, no.
Luckily this video was on the same page

Did it make you feel weird, sunday?

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That’s kind of cool actually. Hmm.. an angel named Satan. Wonder where that came from? (I’m kidding.)

By the way, that’d be awesome to watch stoned.

And for fireside’s video – I need that guy on my team!

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creepy video

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It is tripped out tho. lol haha

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@fireside lucky ducky quack quack


I’m going to fire up a little mary-j-wanna here and watch it again.

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This looks like another good one by the same show, The Adventures of Mark Twain.
@sunday – hmmm

It’s a three parter titled Adam and Eve
1 of 3
2 of 3
3 of 3

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@fireside i shalll watch them all.

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I don’t feel like getting creeped out now, but if you do, search for godess bunny.

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thanks! I will

sundayBastard's avatar

wow WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This what I found when looking for your bunny I know it’s not the same but uh WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I want to watch all of those Adventures of Mark Twain videos, too.

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sundayBastard that first video was FUCKING AWESOME!

note to self watch video next time i drop acid

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sB: I saw that one also.. Craaaazzzzyyy! Ha.

sundayBastard's avatar

i know!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucking scary shit! haha

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Look what i found ^_^ Enjoy the trippy/creepy/whatever you want to call it video.

sundayBastard's avatar

WTF! haha man there is some crazy shit on the net!

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Maybe it’s just me, but I think it funny as he’ll that the girl in the first video chose apples.

sundayBastard's avatar

right…....i know the juicy lil apple

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it was great! well done for back then…

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AH YES! I saw this a little while back and I couldn’t beleive that it used to be a kids show and not just because of how fucking creepy it is and the crude joke, “Looks like my pap on saturday night!” but the philosophy and intellect behind it! How Satan the Angel talks about the human race being selfish and worthless. And my favorite part, “Life itself is only a vision, a dream. Nothing exists but empty space and you. And you, are but a thought.”
That quote haunts me and listening to it made me feel sooo intensely weird.

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Downloading that shit now. Thanks for the tip @uberbatman. Oh and that tap dancing bunny was creepy shit.

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@tWrex that tap dancing bunny was the creepiest shit i have ever seen.

For those of you hav not seen this! Please watch it! HAHAHA

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I thought this was awesome when I was a kid. It’s still my favorite part of any Disney movie. I want to know what they were drinking that made them se shit like that.

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Oh yeah. That scene is definitely one of the best, especially in that movie. I feel that Dumbo, overall, has a darker theme and feel.

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This video, is both entertaining and disturbing, in a way that makes me feel violated in some way by watching it. These are my favorite kind of videos

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Ok, this one takes the cake.

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