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Who thinks that the songs "superstar" and "you got me" sound like gnarls barkley sings them?

Asked by jdogg (871points) September 25th, 2008 from iPhone

They sound to me like gnarls Barkley songs. Superstar is by lupe fiasco and you got me is by 1 block radius.

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There’s a certain huskiness in Matthew Santos’ voice (the guy who sings the chorus of Superstar). I suppose it’s similar to Cee-Lo’s voice (one of the men behind Gnarls Barkley). Actually, maybe it’s how they pronounce their words.

1 Block Radius doesn’t really sound similar to me.

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I don’t think Matthew Santos sounds anything like Cee-Lo. Cee-Lo’s voice has some odd texture to it that almost sounds like he has bad allergies, but it works for him. Santos, on the other hand, has a high voice, but is more smooth with his vocals.

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@Wine – Yeah… now that you mention it, Cee-Lo is more nasally, also. Maybe it’s the musical phrasing (rather than the voices) that rings familiar?

I honestly don’t know how these songs were connected. 1 Block Radius sounds like someone else, but I can’t put my finger on it.

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